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Sacred Geometry / Demons

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Richard Syrett (Twitter) welcomed author Richard Heath for a discussion on his latest book, Sacred Geometry: Language of the Angels, which examines how the number science found in megalithic monuments reflects wisdom transmitted from the angelic orders. These ancient stone structures display extraordinary precision and accurately mark astronomical alignments on the horizon, Heath revealed. The monument builders were able to record the properties of numbers and geometrical aspects of the world, he added.

"When they measured all these things... and found special numbers linking all of the phenomena around them in the sky, they were privy to a kind of angelic force which was effectively designing something," he continued. According to Heath, there is a special numerical relationship between the planets, orbiting moons, and star systems which can only be explained by angelic activity over the course of billions of years. The builders downloaded angelic patterns and effectively transferred numeracy into the ancient world, he suggested, noting that the same units of measure are found across megalithic structures all over the world.


During the latter half of the program, demon seer June Lundgren talked about her work communicating with and removing negative entities, including demons. Lundgren explained the difference between a demonologist, who merely studies demons, and a demon seer, who can see demons. "I don't see [demons] as they wished to be received by the living; I see them as they truly are, and I can remove them, and in extreme cases I can kill them," she said. Lundgren also noted demons speak in the ancient language of Aramaic, which her brain has been hardwired to interpret.

She described demons as standing seven feet tall with 12-foot wing spans and faces filled with evil, pain, and anger. Their faces appear like a washed out painting, but you can see the suffering in their eyes, Lundgren disclosed. "Anyone that sees this never forgets," she said. According to Lundgren, she works in concert with the archangel Michael to defend the living against negative entities, and to destroy them if their transgressions are severe enough. "It's something I have to do to help mankind and something I have to do as a service to God," she confessed.

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