American Socialism / Ufology Update

American Socialism / Ufology Update


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsCheryl Chumley, Nick Pope

Veteran journalist Cheryl K. Chumley writes for various newspapers, including the Washington Times. Years ago, she reported abuses of power by government from traffic light cameras to phone tapping to militarized police forces. In the first half, she argued that a socialist agenda has crept into American politics and culture, particularly among the Democratic Left. She defined socialism as a government takeover of private property and production and suggested that the Left disguises it under such labels as "progressivism." The real enemy is "collectivism," she continued, "because in this country, our rights are individual-- they come from God, not government."

Chumley, who writes from a Christian/Conservative perspective, believes that Christians are uniquely positioned to bring the US back to the individual freedoms the Founding Fathers intended. "This country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles," she asserted, though the "secularists and atheists will try to deny that." Regarding the handling of the pandemic, Chumley contends that "government has...jumped on this fear bandwagon." She is particularly concerned about the "threat" of contact tracing and the technology behind it to surveil every American citizen.


Author, journalist, and TV personality Nick Pope ran the British government's UFO project at the Ministry of Defense. In the latter half, he discussed a little known UFO disclosure provision in the COVID-19 relief bill, as well as various aspects of ufology and cases. In June, the Senate Intelligence Committee requested to get more information about UFO findings (and the specifics of investigations) within 180 days. Because this directive was overdue, it was placed into the COVID bill, Pope explained. The requested report might actually yield more data than congressional hearings, he added.

Regarding the new Biden administration, VP Harris may take an interest in UFOs, given her background on the Senate Intelligence Committee, he conjectured, plus Trump may decide to reveal something in his last two weeks. Pope noted that retired CIA Director John Brennan's recent remarks about UFOs possibly representing another form of life came just on the heels of Israeli scientist Haim Eshed's provocative comments about ETs. He reported on the recent 'blue' UFO in Hawaii observed by multiple witnesses, traveling seamlessly between the air and water. Pope also reviewed details of the Rendlesham Forest incident, which just had its 40th anniversary, and a case in Ukraine, where nuclear missiles inexplicably went into their pre-launch sequence during a sighting of multiple UFOs.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi, Dannion Brinkley, Howard Bloom, Mish Shedlock



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