Planet X & Ancient Mysteries / Cases of the Military Medium

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Planet X & Ancient Mysteries / Cases of the Military Medium

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In the first half, publisher of Mysterious World books, Doug Elwell, discussed his research on Planet X, including references in the Bible, as well as the work of Zecharia Sitchin. He also delved into fallen angels, the Anunnaki, giants, and the Sphinx. Elwell postulated that the Star of Bethlehem could have been Planet X visible in the night sky as it entered the inner solar system with a couple of comet-like tails. The mysterious body, on an elliptical orbit, likely returns every couple thousand years "to herald a new age of mankind," he continued. The greater threat from X is not the planet itself, he added, but the asteroidal debris that sweeps in with it and can impact Earth.

Elwell proposed that there was an ancient war among alien groups (described in the Bible as a "war in Heaven"). "It's entirely possible," he suggested, "that the battle was for control of Planet X and Satan and his forces lost, and they ended up being thrown down to Earth where they remain to this day." Based on his interpretation of the Bible and the Book of Enoch, he believes there was a species of genetically modified destructive giants, designed by Satan and taught by the fallen angels, but they were mostly wiped out in the Great Flood. He also related the Egyptian Sphinx's mysteries to the biblical prophecy of Judah and the idea that something significant is buried in the Sphinx's secret chambers-- possibly a powerful ancient technology. View related images Elwell sent us.


Dean McMurray is known as The Military Medium. He went from serving our country as a decorated combat veteran to serving others as a psychic medium, as well as helping veterans with PTSD and Gold Star families. He shared different cases he's worked on that run the gamut from dark to light. One Viet Nam veteran felt more comfortable working with him because of his military background. McMurray visited the man for a reading and a clearing of his space. But later, the vet complained of a spirit or entity attaching itself to him every morning, and when McMurray returned, he saw the man's eyes flash a "Reptilian" quality for a second. Another vet he worked with had a terminal illness but he was able to reassure the man and his family that he'd be OK and accepted on the Other Side.

McMurray recounted a clairaudient perception that may have saved his life when he was stationed in Afghanistan. Parked on a night patrol, he heard a clear but disembodied voice firmly telling him he needed to move the vehicle up another 500 ft., and at the time, he wasn't certain whether the voice was his higher self or from a guardian angel. For mediumship readings, he blends his psychic abilities with his natural clairsentience (an instinctive knowing or feeling). During the last hour, he offered readings to callers. For more, check out The Military Medium's YouTube channel.

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