Intelligent Design / Geoengineering & Climate Modification

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Intelligent Design / Geoengineering & Climate Modification

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Geophysicist Stephen C. Meyer received a Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge in the philosophy of science, and now directs the Center for Science and Culture at the Discovery Institute. In the first half, he shared groundbreaking evidence for intelligent design – the idea that aspects of our universe stem from an intelligent cause. More and more scientists are realizing that a completely materialistic approach to science doesn't answer some very fundamental questions, such as about the origin of the universe, he remarked. Evidence from the fields of physics, cosmology, and biology, and advances in detection methodologies are fueling this movement forward, he announced. For example, he noted that within DNA molecules, we have found complex information and storage, transmission, and processing systems that have "the hallmarks of high tech digital computing."

The Big Bang demonstrates that the universe had a beginning, he stated, and this would seem to require a "transcendent designer," who is separate from the cosmos and "structured it in such a way to make life possible." Meyer pointed out how physics's basic parameters and forces are precisely calibrated for life to thrive. As such, some scientists even refer to our cosmos as the "Goldilocks universe," he added. While Meyer concedes he can't prove that God created the universe, that argument "provides the best explanation for the big events of cosmic and biological origin better than materialism, pantheism...or even a space alien concept of a designer." For more on Meyer's views, visit his YouTube channel


Researcher and activist Dane Wigington documents changes in the environment that he believes are caused by geoengineering, including weather modification, chemtrails, HAARP, and GMO crops. In the latter half, he talked about why he finds climate engineering dangerous and damaging, and how it may have been responsible for the freeze in Texas in early 2021. Climate engineering involves filling the atmosphere with light scattering particulates in order to subdue global warming, he explained. These efforts include chemtrail spraying from planes, which leave a toxic residue in the environment, and associated particulate ingredients have been found inside the bodies of everything from bees to whales, he lamented.

Regarding the severely cold weather in the Lone Star state earlier this year, he noted that at that time, temperatures at the North Pole were 33 degrees warmer than the Gulf Coast of Texas. Meteorologically speaking, this anomalous weather could not have been a natural occurrence, Wigington argued, and it doesn't make sense that higher elevations in the area would have warmer temperatures. This could only happen through "an endothermic reacting material like chemical ice nucleation," he continued. Wigington also talked about his new documentary, The Dimming (available for free viewing), which shows evidence and testing for chemtrails, emitted through aircraft nozzles. 

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