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In the first half, author and filmmaker L.A. Marzulli reported on the latest findings of his study into the Nephilim, a species he describes as the hybrid offspring of fallen angels and human women. Brutal, destructive, and bloodthirsty, Marzulli said, the Nephilim were originally a creation by the forces of darkness for the purpose of destroying the human race.

Although the Nephilim are commonly thought of as giant beings from a long-past era, described in ancient texts like the Old Testament of the Bible and the Book of Enoch, Marzulli asserted that they are actually alive in significant numbers and among us today. Despite their total extinction during the Great Flood described in the Bible, Marzulli believes the Nephilim returned, although no longer as giants. In their current incarnations, many Nephilim live underground or in caves, he noted. It is Marzulli’s belief, in fact, that Bigfoot are actually a type of today’s Nephilim.

Marzulli also maintained that there are forces working against the dissemination of knowledge about the Nephilim. As an example, he described a conversation he had with an agent of the 'Deep State' in which he said the agent made veiled threats against his safety. Marzulli speculated that the reason information on the Nephilim is suppressed is that confirming their existence would validate the claims of those who believe in the supernatural—an unacceptable scenario for the powers that be.


Alien researcher Derrel Sims traced his interest in aliens to his own visits by ETs, beginning when he was four years old. In the latter half, he shared a number of anecdotes related to his work on human-alien relations. In one, a police officer told Sims of being visited by FBI agents asking about his “alien problem,” but the officer had never disclosed any of his contacts with ETs. Another man claimed to have been abducted by aliens, but Sims, fearing for the man’s life if his claims were made public, advised him to keep his abduction a secret. More recently, Sims has been focusing on alien implants: tiny devices embedded into the bodies of humans. The implants are located only slightly beneath the surface of the skin, Sims explained, but some are placed deeper, in places like nasal passages. Although he has analyzed several implants, Sims conceded that it’s not clear exactly what purpose they serve—although he’s certain they’re not tracking devices.

Sims also related his encounters with chupacabras, a frozen specimen of which he said he owns. Often, people who see a chupacabras believe it to be a coyote, Sims said, but upon questioning them it’s clear that the creature in question is actually the “Texas blue dog” or “goat-sucker,” as chupacabras are sometimes called.

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