The Experiencer Group

The Experiencer Group


HostGeorge Knapp

GuestsMichio Kaku, Stuart Davis, Kirsten Blackburn, Jay King

Kirsten Blackburn and Jay King, who co-created The Experiencer Group with musician, artist, and director Stuart Davis, all joined George Knapp to recount the story of how their site was conceived. After an intense conversation at a diner about their dealings with the paranormal and the unexplained, Blackburn and King developed a private online video chat space for people to share their own stories. "We wanted to create the ultimate sanctuary," King remembered. Davis, they recalled, was a participant early on, and soon he joined Experiencer's admin team as well. Because the site is vetted for quality members, and care is taken to make the experience feel safe and accepting, the Group has been very successful, growing to include members around the world, they explained.

Davis played a few audio clips featuring Group members citing their various anomalous experiences. In one, a member described an encounter with a mysterious man who seemed to offer him a sacred communication. Another member talked about caring for a terminally ill loved one whom she said foresaw the hour of his own death.

A few personal experiences with alien entities were also related by Davis. One late night in 2010, for example, he said he was visited by a giant mantis-like creature that injected him with a high-energy flow of signals, information, and music. On another occasion, Davis claimed, a cylindrical UFO that appeared to be made of green plasma descended from the night sky to hover in front of him and his wife.


In the first hour, renowned theoretical physicist and bestselling author Michio Kaku asserted that, in light of recent reports of UFO activity being captured on video by US military personnel, he believes that the burden of proof in such matters is no longer on the population to prove, but rather on the government to disprove. Kaku noted his fascination with science early in life, and outlined how it led to his studying at Harvard and eventually developing string theory in physics. The future of his career, he said, promises to be exciting as well. "I think we're hot on the trail now of a new physics," he revealed. Kaku also talked about the difficulty in trying to unify relativity with quantum theory, but indicated that he was excited about the metaphysics that could be at work where the two theories fail to be reconciled.



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