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Lost Civilizations & the Nephilim / Bigfoot Research

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In the first half, L. A. Marzulli, lecturer, filmmaker, and author, discussed his latest work on the hidden history of lost civilizations. He contends there is evidence from around the world that suggests supernatural beings were involved in the construction of megalithic buildings. For his new documentary (view trailer), he traveled to many mysterious ancient sites, including Gilgal Rephaim ("wheel of the Giants") in the Golan Heights, which is composed of 42,000 tons of basalt stone formed into five concentric circles. It's located, he said, where "200 watcher angels" descended thousands of years ago to mate with humans in order to create the hybrid Nephilim race. He visited Caral, Peru, where the pyramids are perhaps one of the oldest sites in the Americas, and there is evidence their civilization had advanced knowledge of mathematics and astronomy.

Among the other locales he investigated was the Tomb of the Giant on the island of Sardinia, the 'Sungate' in Peru, and an ancient site in Norba, Italy with large polygonal stones, which have been referred to as "Cyclopean" architecture. Marzulli said the builders of these megalithic structures mysteriously vanished at many of these locations, and he believes they were Nephilim in origin, and that giants up to 12 ft. tall were involved in moving the large stones. The giants, whom he considers evil, could have lived thousands of years ago. "In some ways," he continued, "they're like Goliath. They're Nephilim-- part fallen angel, part human." Further, he related them to the "hybrid" entities witnesses recall seeing in modern UFO encounters, and some say walk among us.


In the latter half, writer and Bigfoot researcher Kenney Irish, along with author Russell Acord, shared their theories about Sasquatch and the evidence for the mysterious cryptid. The two concurred on the idea that Bigfoot is mostly likely a flesh and blood creature rather than something more ethereal. "We've seen what we perceive as Bigfoot on thermal imaging, so that would mean it puts out a heat trace," Acord noted. Their body weight leaves an impression when they step on the ground, he added. And yet, the two conceded that cases where the creature vanishes out of thin air or its tracks suddenly stop, suggest there may be an interdimensional aspect.

Irish talked about his research into Native American lore. The Iroquois, located in the American Northeast, spoke of Sasquatch as being like another tribe of people, he reported. Regarding the ET connection, Irish said there have been many sightings of Bigfoot after people saw lights in the sky, and even some witnesses who reported seeing the creature walk out of a spaceship. Acord talked about Bigfoot nests observed in Washington state, and he has theorized that the cryptids may be subterranean, taking advantage of lava tubes that run through the caves. During the last hour, callers shared their own fascinating Sasquatch encounters and sightings. A woman named Mary described a creature she saw as having facial features like a sloth, and Irish noted that baby or younger Bigfoot have sometimes been said to have a sloth-like quality with longer arms.

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