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A leading historian of the UFO phenomenon, Richard Dolan is the author of two volumes of history, UFOs and the National Security State, as well as an analysis of the future. In the first half, he shared the latest news on UFOs and disclosure. Recently, he hosted an online event, "UFO Secrecy in a Changing World," in which he interviewed at length Lue Elizondo, who ran the former secret Pentagon program studying UFOs. Elizondo is "walking a very fine line" on what he can reveal to the public, Dolan noted, suggesting that he may be withholding specifics about UFO crash retrievals because these details remain classified. Around the world, people continue to report low-flying clandestine craft, typically saucer or triangular-shaped, and the use of night vision equipment can often enhance what you can observe in the skies, he said.

Regarding the forthcoming report on UFOs and the military to be presented to a congressional intel committee, Dolan suspects there will be both classified and non-classified versions. While he doesn't entirely rule out secretive aerial technology from countries like China or Russia possibly being connected to the sightings, some of the Navy reports detail rather inexplicable and provocative phenomena. There are different levels of disclosure, he added, but no one is saying it's aliens. From his thorough research, Dolan has concluded that multiple alien types have been visiting our planet, some that look similar to humans. Humanity has been moving into a new "fourth" stage of existence, with massive advances in technology fueling changes to our species and civilization, and that may be what is drawing alien attention to the Earth, he theorized.


In the latter half, ghost communicator Mary Ann Winkowski discussed her latest research and work with earthbound spirits, and negative energy. The spirit world shares certain similarities to the physical world, she remarked, and many of the earthbound spirits (those who never crossed over into the light) have identical personalities to the ones they had while alive. They still hang out with their friends and at favorite spots, but they exist on a different vibration level, she explained. Because of the troubles and emotional turbulence many experienced during the pandemic, ghostly activity has been on the rise, she said, as many times earthbound spirits feed on negative energy. Curiously, dentist offices often have a lot of earthbound spirits because they find frightened patients there that they can feed on, she added.

To combat errant spirits that seem to be haunting a place, she said that burning sage (smudging) can be temporarily effective as it seems to make the entities lethargic. Quince seed charms, she cited, will keep earthbound spirits about 3 to 4 feet away. Orbs (often detected in photos) represent good spirits who have crossed over, she continued. If you enlarge an orb in a digital photo, you may even see a face in it, she detailed (if it's blank, then it may just be a dust particle). During Zoom calls, Winkowski said she sometimes sees ghosts visible to her via a person's webcam. For more, check out her YouTube channel, which features her 'Wednesday Morning Ghost Chats.'

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