Triangular UFOs

Triangular UFOs


HostGeorge Knapp

GuestsDavid Marler, Ellie Bundy

UFO researcher David Marler joined George Knapp to discuss the Farmington UFO Armada incident as well as delve into his research on triangular UFOs. The Farmington event took place in New Mexico in March 1950 and is often overlooked because there were no organized civilian UFO groups investigating cases at the time, he explained. The UFO sightings took place over the course of three days in broad daylight with numerous witnesses reporting dozens to hundreds of objects in the sky, Marler continued. Witnesses (including two living witnesses tracked down by Marler) described the UFOs as silver disc-shaped objects that appeared in waves throughout the day and were escorted through the sky by a red leader UFO, he added. "When you look at the history of UFO sightings we have on record, it doesn't get much better," Marler said.

Marler has published a comprehensive analysis of triangle-shaped UFOs in his book, Triangular UFOs: An Estimate of the Situation. The triangle form is among the most common UFO shapes observed by witnesses, he revealed. Marler argued triangle UFOs are not a modern creation of the US military as reports of them go back to 1882, when astronomers in Connecticut observed two dark triangular notches traversing the moon. There are copious reports from the 1940s till today detailing triangular objects as well. "We see reports of these objects being very large, and being described as silent, the same lighting patterns," he disclosed. Marler also pointed out that a number of triangular UFO accounts, such as a pilot's 1953 encounter over Albany, Georgia, have radar confirmation.

Missing Indigenous Persons

In the first hour, Ellie Bundy of the Montana Missing Indigenous Persons Task Force reported on the unusually high number of disappearances among indigenous people as well as crimes against indigenous women. George Knapp noted 84 percent of indigenous women will experience physical, sexual, or psychological violence in their lifetimes. According to Bundy, as of May 11, 2021, there are 179 missing persons in Montana and 57 of them are indigenous. That is 32 percent of a population that represents only seven percent of the state's population, she added. A major issue is lack of reporting out of guilt or community stigma, and fear of law enforcement, Bundy revealed. She shared the case of 20-year-old Ashley Loring Heavyrunner who was last seen at party in June 2017. There was a lack of response from law enforcement because she is of age, Bundy reported, noting searches for Heavyrunner have not turned up anything.

Knapp's News

George Knapp shares a number of recent news items of interest, including an article about animatronic pets and the elderly, a report on why phenomena from Skinwalker Ranch follows researchers home, and his own investigation into radar evidence of a UFO swarm surrounding Navy warships.



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