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The UFO 'Fear Program' / Supernatural & Law Enforcement

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Former national security investigator for the US government, John DeSouza is a researcher and experiencer of paranormal and spiritual phenomena. In the first half, he shared his contention that the current UAP disclosure process is part of a "UFO fear program." This agenda got rolling in December 2017, he said, with the New York Times' revelation of the secret Pentagon program to study anomalous aerial phenomena, and since then, various politicians, celebrities, and government operatives have participated in this "massive psyop." They perform as "crisis actors," DeSouza asserted, and ultimately portray UFOs as a threat to create fear and panic among the American public during the countdown to disclosure.

He further suggested that these crisis actors appear overly dramatic and self-righteous while mouthing "CIA mind control phrases," such as "this is proof that we may not be alone in the universe," and "unknown aerial threat." He ultimately foresees a "fake alien invasion" that will be employed as a power grab. And while he does believe that UFOs and alien visitors are a genuine phenomenon, he argued that incidents like the Navy "Tic Tac" UFO sighting represent secret military technology rather than ETs. On Sunday, July 11, DeSouza will be conducting an all-day seminar, teaching para-investigating training skills.


In the latter half, crime scene investigator by day and archaeology buff by night, Paul Rimmasch, discussed bizarre and seemingly supernatural experiences of law enforcement officers while on duty. The types of occurrences fit into several categories, he noted, including visitations from recently deceased loved ones, and a ghostly replaying of energy rather than the actions of a sentient spirit. He recalled oddities surrounding a homicide involving a couple that was divorcing. Several years later, one of the police officers was called back to the same apartment, and the current tenants, unaware of the murder, described the bathroom door opening by itself. The woman's dead body had been found sandwiched in the bathroom entrance, Rimmasch revealed.

There are cases when people exhibit uncanny knowledge, such as recounted by a nurse in an emergency room, when officers brought in a deceased "John Doe," who had no ID. The nurse said she spoke with a woman and her daughter that were also in the emergency room, and the daughter said that the dead man had visited her, wanting to relay a message back to his family. The spirit told her his name was Thomas, and indeed, they found the name of Thomas on a receipt in the man's backpack, Rimmasch detailed. A supposed apparition named 'Flo' is said to manifest as a blue mist at a cemetery. An officer told him that he saw such a blue mist coming toward him at the graveyard once but wasn't scared because he didn't believe in ghosts.

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