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L.A. Marzulli is an author, lecturer, and filmmaker. In the first half, he discussed his newly revised documentary, "UFO Disclosure: The Coming Great Deception," which he has made available for free viewing. He updated the documentary with new information about disclosure, and UAP reports that have been in the news. Marzulli has concluded that rather than extraterrestrials, the strange craft are associated with interdimensional beings who have a nefarious agenda. He believes they are the same as the demons described in biblical texts, and connected to the prophecy of the coming Antichrist. It's foreseen that "the powers of heaven will be shaken," he cited, and this could be anything from a huge mothership, to an asteroid or even Planet X.

He recalled the case of an alien abductee named Al Matthews, who described an encounter with an alleged hybrid female named "Diane Kelly." The woman was said to eat a fly stuck on her wine glass, and then her eyes shifted to a "reptilian" state when he rejected her after she tried to kiss him. Marzulli included footage in his documentary of a psychic he recorded at a UFO-related gathering in 2016. She detailed her encounter with a huge saucer in 2004 while camping. When she awoke the next day, she had strange marks on her body and received a "download" that included information about the "powers that be" inducing a plague such that everyone would have to receive a vaccine, which would change their DNA. Had she correctly predicted the pandemic?, he pondered.


In the latter half, author and afterlife expert Sandra Champlain shared evidence for the hereafter and the spirit world, including mediumship, deathbed visitations, electronic voice phenomena (EVP), near-death experiences, and past life memories. She also touched on her work helping people deal with grieving over the loss of a loved one. By understanding that "we don't die," grief can be eased, she said, and this realization also serves to advance our spiritual development. Just before they pass, many people seem to go into a special state, she reported. In these "deathbed visitations," they may communicate with angels, and deceased loved ones who are arriving to "bring them home." During our lives, she continued, we also have "an invisible cheering committee," departed loved ones, and guides that watch over us so that we are never truly alone.

Our imagination can sometimes serve as a springboard for communications with the spirit world, she noted. Champlain talked about the work of Brazilian scientist Sonia Rinaldi, who has documented EVP using various types of equipment to capture curious faces and images that she believes are from the spirit realm. One of these images, Champlain revealed, looked uncannily like her departed father. Spirits are more likely to communicate with the living when their minds are quiet, so that is why visitations during the dream state are more common, she explained. For more, check out Sandra's free weekly series, "Shades of the Afterlife," which she hosts for C2C's Paranormal Podcast Network. New episodes drop every Friday.

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