Wrongful Convictions

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Wrongful Convictions

About the show

Truth and Justice podcast host Bob Ruff investigates crime cases involving the wrongfully convicted. He joined guest host Connie Willis (info) to share cases where evidence does not support conviction as well as what is possible when people from all over the world come together to rally in support of the innocent. It is very difficult to overturn a wrongful conviction, Ruff explained. "Once you're convicted of a crime, undoing that is... a herculean task," he said, noting 99% of convicted people do not have the resources to fight it. Ruff delved into the wrongful conviction case of Ed Ates, who is the focus of Season 2 of his podcast.

Ates was convicted of the murder of Elnora Griffin and sentenced to 99 years in prison, though none of the DNA and other evidence collected at the scene matched him. "In that case not only was [Ates] innocent, we're ninety percent certain we know who did it," Ruff revealed. He blamed the conviction on corruption and rampant racism within the police force in Smith County, Texas. "The police lied, twisted evidence, and broke the rules," he added. According to Ruff, they have fingerprints from the person they think actually committed the crime and are awaiting prints from the crime scene to compare. Ates has been released on parole after serving 20 years in prison and Ruff is currently working on exonerating him.

Post-Quantum Tech

In the first hour, theoretical physicist Jack Sarfatti, who created the legendary Physics/Consciousness Research Group at the New Age Esalen Institute in 1975, discussed the physics involved to achieve advanced warp drive and gravitational control as seen in the 'Tic Tac' UFO video. The CIA was created in 1947 in part because of Roswell, Sarfatti revealed. The intelligence community wanted to know how consciousness worked as a physical phenomenon, how flying saucers fly, and is there a connection between them, he continued. "It's actually a pretty mundane explanation for both our consciousness and how these 'Tic Tacs' are doing what they're doing," Sarfatti explained, noting the answer lies within Einstein's general theory of relativity of gravitational fields and quantum mechanics. According to Sarfatti, occupants of UFOs are freely falling within gravitational fields they are creating, so while it may look as though the craft is performing impossible maneuvers the occupants actually feel nothing.

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