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Government UAP Report / Extraordinary Contact

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George Knapp welcomed filmmaker Jeremy Corbell for a conversation on the long-awaited and newly-released government UAP report. Citizen journalist Danny Silva and UFO researcher Joe Murgia also participated in the discussion. While George noted that a lot of information was probably left out of the public version of the government briefing document, Corbell said he was encouraged by citizens' widespread disappointment over this. They expected more transparency and data, and their anger and discouragement show they have a strong curiosity to learn more about the UFO/UAP sightings, he commented. There are additional high-quality videos and photos of UAP that he believes were part of the new report, some of which he has in his possession, Corbell continued, and he plans to make them public after completing a validation process.

It's not just military documentation, but some of the most compelling evidence is coming from civilian sources that have used "synthetic vision systems," which overlay thermal and optical imagery, Corbell explained. Murgia found it intriguing that the government report specified that they had no data connecting the anomalous craft to secret US operations or overseas militaries. He views the report as a promising first step toward greater disclosure. The report acknowledged 18 cases in which UAP demonstrated remarkable advanced technology, and Silva pointed out this poses a legitimate security concern for the military, and justifies the investigation. It was also revealed that there is an ongoing task force that continues to study UAP reports, Silva added.


In the latter half of the program, Debra Jordan-Kauble shared her close-up and personal experiences with UFOs and the paranormal as documented in her book, Extraordinary Contact: Life Beyond Intruders. She was the central figure in Budd Hopkins' classic book "Intruders: The Incredible Visitations at Copley Woods," as well as its 1992 TV miniseries adaptation, "Intruders," and at the time used the pseudonym Kathie Davis to protect her young family. She shared details of the profound encounter she had in 1983, detailed in Hopkins' work. Seeing an odd light on her property, she was burned by something in the chest, and the light's intensity was blinding and affected her vision. She saw a ball of light observing her and felt the sense of a heat-stabbing pain. Off to her left, she saw a small craft and six bullet-shaped "children" at various points in the yard, and then her memory was fogged.

Days later, Jordan-Kauble discovered an indented circle about eight feet in diameter in the yard. Where the circle was, the grass was brown and laid flat, and there was a two-foot path extending from it. Seeing this, triggered recall of the earlier frightening alien encounter, and she saw superimposed over the lawn circle, "two big black eyes all liquidy and shimmery." She described subsequent encounters, such as when two "greys" conducted a bedroom visitation, carrying a black box with a red light. She also spoke about various unexplained experiences she's had over the subsequent decades, including the sudden appearance of bees indoors, strange balls of light, inanimate objects seemingly moving on their own, and witnessing illuminated blue-skinned aliens.


George Knapp shares items of recent interest, including articles about the newly released government report on UFOs:

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