Health & Motivation / Kilgallen & Monroe Deaths Pt. II

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Health & Motivation / Kilgallen & Monroe Deaths Pt. II

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In the first hour, author and researcher Christian Wilde discussed his latest work on the benefits of the spice turmeric, which he finds to be one of the best supplements for counteracting inflammation in the body. It's also been found that it boosts dopamine and serotonin levels and may help combat depression. Turmeric could also be a benefit for those suffering from neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's, he added. Curcumin is the main compound in turmeric that gives it its healing properties, Wilde pointed out, adding that Bioperine (black pepper) increases turmeric's bioavailability or absorption in the body. In his formula, he recently added Boswellia, which according to studies, has helped fight Alzheimer's.

In the second hour, Life Coach and motivator Coach Bob talked about making positive changes in your life to get what you want, such as peace of mind, better health, or the ideal job. One of the most fundamental skills, he said, is to know how to deal with pressure. One can learn to calm down before letting fear or anger take you down another road, he suggested. To make changes, he advised creating a cheat sheet, which lists the qualities or aspects of yourself you do not want, and on the other side, lists the attributes you do want. And from there, you should figure out what activity you need to do to elicit the positive changes so they eventually become habit.


A former criminal defense attorney and legal analyst, Mark Shaw, is an investigative reporter and the author of 25 books. As a follow-up to his June 3, 2021 appearance, he continued to discuss his research that links the mysterious death of reporter and TV star, Dorothy Kilgallen with Marilyn Monroe's demise, as well as the JFK assassination. Kilgallen had investigated JFK's murder for 18 months, attending the Jack Ruby trial, as well as traveling to New Orleans connecting the Mafia don Carlos Marcello to the assassination, he noted. She was on the verge of publishing her findings in a book for Random House, when she was found dead in her New York townhouse in 1965, with the autopsy citing an overdose of barbiturates.

Shaw found the circumstances especially suspicious because on a glass found in her bedroom, a toxicologist discovered phenobarbital remnants, which suggested that she may have been dosed or poisoned by someone emptying capsules into her drink. Monroe's death was also attributed to an overdose of sedative drugs. Shaw believes that Robert F. Kennedy was connected to Marilyn's 1962 death because she had told him she was going to the press after their love affair turned sour. If RFK had been prosecuted for Marilyn's death, perhaps his brother would never have been killed (assuming it was a hit job by the Mob because they were angry over Bobby coming after them as Attorney General) and thus, Kilgallen might have been spared as well, Shaw postulated.

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