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Alternative Health / Disclosure & History of UFOs

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In the first half, pharmacist Ben Fuchs addressed natural health remedies and the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that our bodies need to maintain good health. He shared simple "health hacks" like slow deep breathing (SDR), which he characterized as one of the most powerful practices someone can do. When people have panic attacks or are under duress, this can be alleviated by practicing SDR and taking in more oxygen, he suggested. If you're dealing with neuropathy (numbness or pain in the hands or feet), this can be brought on by eating the wrong kinds of fat (fried or processed foods), he said. Such natural anti-inflammatories as EFA (essential fatty acids) and B vitamins can help combat it, as well as a low carbohydrate diet and stretching exercises, he shared.

For dental pain, Fuchs noted that clove oil rubbed on the troubled area can be effective, as well as taking CBD supplements. In the case of sunburn, he advised ingesting EFAs as soon as the condition is detected, and Vitamin E capsules, which aid in the healing of burns and cuts. For detoxifying from metals, he recommended chelation, in which certain compounds help pull toxins out of the body. Products with chelating qualities include Vitamin C, selenium, bentonite clay, MSM, and NAC.


Author of over 25 bestselling books, including Communion and the Coming Global Superstorm, Whitley Strieber has been a supporter of alternative concepts through his website Unknown Country. He is an expert in diverse subjects such as cattle mutilations, crop circles, strange implants, the afterlife, and aliens. In the latter half, he offered an overview of UFO history in relation to the latest developments in UFO and UAP disclosure. In the recent report for Congress, he cited the importance of their noting that "sociocultural stigmas remain obstacles for collecting data on UAP." The authors point out that military personnel who report anomalous craft have sometimes been disparaged, and that "reputational risk may keep many observers silent." This admonition also serves notice to scientific and academic communities, Strieber added, to no longer dismiss or mock such reports.

He talked about how General Twining's UFO memo from 1947 described extreme acceleration rates and similar movements to the Tic Tac craft and other cases released since 2004. So it's not accurate to think that the recent UAP revelations are the first time this type of information has come forward, he commented, or that this was Russian or Chinese technology, since they certainly wouldn't have had those capabilities back in 1947. Strieber reviewed earlier UFO investigations like the Air Force's Project Grudge from the 1940s, and how Project Blue Book, begun in the 1950s, started as an effort to debunk ET or alien explanations. He also touched on the Washington DC UFO flap in 1952, and his study of "Art's Parts," bismuth and magnesium fragments said to be taken from a crashed UFO, which exhibited strange isotopic ratios.

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