Uri Geller in the 1970s / Akashic Records & Manifesting

Uri Geller in the 1970s / Akashic Records & Manifesting


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsUri Geller, Maureen St. Germain

Uri Geller is famous around the globe for his mind-bending psychic powers and has led a unique life shrouded in debate, controversy, and mystery. In the first half, he joined George Noory on our live 4th of July show to recount his experiences during the 1970s, when he was involved with experiments with the CIA/NSA and NASA and worked with such people as Edgar Mitchell and Wernher von Braun (view related images). He recalled that during a meeting with German rocket scientist von Braun (then at NASA), he was shown a piece of metal said to be from a crashed UFO. Then, he continued, the two were taken to an unmarked NASA building and put on warm coats before going to a refrigerated area, whereupon what he saw made his "jaw drop." Because he signed certain documents, Geller said he couldn't reveal further what shocked him but indicated he was coming forward at this time because of the unprecedented level of disclosure with the military UAP reports.

When he was being tested by MI5 (the British intelligence agency), a "poltergeist" incident occurred, Geller said, and subsequently, the CIA became very interested in him, and the possibility of "weaponizing psychic ability." Geller also recounted the times he went dowsing with Israeli military leader Moshe Dayan, who had asked him to locate buried treasures on coastal beaches. Rather than using a twig or rod, Geller said he just used his mind, and that he did uncover several artifacts that amazed Dayan. "Very few people know this," he added, "but the American Army asked me to dowse for hidden tunnels that North Korea dug into South Korea." Because the mission was secret, he couldn't reveal what he found other than to say "it was successful."


In the latter half, practical mystic Maureen St. Germain revealed secrets of the Akashic Records, a vast domain of knowledge that we can learn to access and form an authentic connection with. She also outlined ways to manifest goals, use energetic fields and sacred geometry, and practice the law of attraction. The protocol she uses for teaching people to access the Akashic Records involves a 45-day plan where people ask insignificant questions to their higher self to get familiar with this type of communication without high stakes issues being in play. She described the MerKaBa -- an energetic field with the geometric structure of two intersecting tetrahedrons surrounding the body-- as a vehicle of light that we can activate to become "our fifth-dimensional selves."

To manifest desired outcomes, she suggested visualizing an "after event." For instance, if a person seeks marriage, they would picture themselves happily celebrating an anniversary of their wedding, and experience a conversation telling someone about it, such that the outcome had already happened. "The manifestation becomes real because you've seen yourself tell someone how awesome it is," she explained. She shared an affirmation that people can use to raise their energy: "I'm asking for a day of heaven on Earth, for me and everyone I am in contact with, and everyone I am in contract with." St. Germain also discussed people's strange experiences with "black helicopters," which she said hover over individuals without explanation. She believes they are a kind of monitoring system that tracks alien or anomalous energies.

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