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Software engineer and author Anthony F. Sanchez joined Connie Willis (info) to give an update on his work on the paranormal-themed apps he creates (view related video). His life was jeopardized in 2019, he reported, when he nearly died from Guillain-Barre syndrome, a rare neurological disorder that left him paralyzed and unable to speak for months. During his hospitalization, he had three near-death experiences that inspired him to create the newest apps he offers, he said. "I've been able to delve into my work with a whole new perspective on life," he added.

Although balancing his continued recovery with pursuing the development of new instrumental trans communication (ITC) has been difficult, Sanchez continued, he is excited by the progress he's made. Among the latest apps he's created are the Q3 Meter, which, he claims, acts as a "spirit radar" that detects paranormal activity. Other recent offerings by Sanchez's company Ghosthunterapps include the Ghost Box, a suite of apps for monitoring or communicating with spirit world. The Ghost Box features the Angelic and Demonivox apps (for engaging with good and evil spirits, respectively), Santa Muerte (which claims to conjure the Mexican folk deity Our Lady of Holy Death), and Kali, which Sanchez says invokes the Hindu goddess of the same name.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program. Eric in Indiana proposed an alternate theory of global climate change. During the Great Flood described in the Bible, he surmised, the Earth underwent cataclysmic disruption that included dramatic changes in climate; the current era, however, is actually a return to the warmer temperatures that reflect the climate of the pre-Flood age, so there is no cause for concern about global warming.

Kimberly in Illinois shared stories of her experiences with unusual phenomena. At times, she elaborated, she finds herself in a state of paralysis that leaves her helpless against activity by ghostlike entities. Even more frightening, the mysterious beings began to target her young son in his sleep, she recalled. Although this activity has subsided in the past few years, she indicated that she was worried that the disturbing spirit would return someday.

Jason, calling from the Philippines, said he was a self-help doctor who recommended a novel approach to obtaining happiness: psychopathy. Adopting the self-centered, ruthless personality of the psychopath, he argued, ensured that one was always working toward reaching their goals, protecting their own family and interests in the process. Although he acknowledged that psychopathic behavior was unfair and even harsh, it was nevertheless an effective method and therefore justified.

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