Secret Door Special XXIII

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Secret Door Special XXIII

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In our newest Secret Door special, George Noory interviewed a different guest each hour— but he had no idea who they'd be and tried to guess their identity. First through the Door was author Dannion Brinkley, who fooled George by speaking in a curious mix of Australian and Indian accents. He talked about prophetic material given to him during his 1975 near-death experience and published in his "Saved by the Light" book in 1994. He believes he foresaw the COVID pandemic, and our current era of technological control through such things as implants. "The battle for the souls of humankind would be fought in health care," he's been saying for years. Brinkley also touched on his work with the Twilight Brigade, helping veterans in hospice.

Next through the Secret Door was psychotherapist and Tarot expert Art Rosengarten, who also defied identification by George, through speaking in a high-pitched voice. Using the Tarot as an oracle, he posed a question about the pandemic and vaccines. The Tarot suggested that he go underneath the chaos and anxiety and find the essential or core values that help people maintain their sanity during this challenging time. He characterized Tarot readings as being relevant rather than "accurate" because seeing universal symbols in the divination process opens up a fresh world view at that moment.

In the third hour, George was stumped when the surprise guest was SETI astronomer Seth Shostak. The Allen Telescope Array is getting new receivers, he reported, thanks to funding by Franklin Antonio, the co-founder of Qualcomm. Shostak talked about Prof. Avi Loeb's new Galileo project to survey the entire sky looking for anomalous, possibly ET objects like 'Oumuamua. SETI has a new project-- LaserSETI-- currently being installed in Hawaii. The idea behind it is to monitor the skies for laser flashes (rather than radio signals) as possible signs of intelligent ET life.

The last guest, anomaly researcher Billy Carson was correctly ID'd by George, even though he used a Greek accent to change his voice. Anomalies on Venus, Mars, Mercury, and Saturn's moon Titan are a current fascination for Carson, with probes and rovers sending back images of curious objects. He suggested that the layout of anomalies in the Cydonia area on Mars (where the Face on Mars is located) exactly mirrors mounds built in Avebury, UK near Stonehenge. He also talked about how the Egyptian god Thoth claimed to build the ancient pyramids at Giza, making use of light and frequency in some cases. Carson, who leads tours to Egypt, believes the Sphinx may be as old as 36,000 years, based on precessional cycles and Thoth's timeline.

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