2021 Numerology / Creatures of the Northwoods

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2021 Numerology / Creatures of the Northwoods

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In the first half of Tuesday's show, numerologist Glynis McCants (toll-free # 877-686-2373) discussed how the energy of 2021 has been manifesting so far this year, and what we can expect in the months ahead. She also shared numerology perspectives on Olympic athletes, the billionaire space explorers, and home address numbers. McCants noticed a pattern in some of the Gold Medal Olympic winners-- they had the number "1" in their cycles or charts. For example, 17-year-old swimmer Lydia Jacoby from Alaska is a "1" lifepath, she noted. Regarding the wealthy space entrepreneurs Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, and Elon Musk-- they all have "7" prominently in their charts, and this number indicates someone seeking adventure.

The month of August ("8") in 2021, a "5" year, brings on some drama and chaos, especially in politics, she cautioned. "However this month starts, by the end of the month, everything looks very different," she remarked. House address numbers have different energetic signals, and sometimes they're not a match for a given person or couple, she commented. If that is the case, she continued, you can alter the energy by putting another number on the inside of the door. Glynis, who is hosting an online Numerology Roundtable on August 21st, is offering a free prosperity affirmation to celebrate the month of 8.


Author, researcher, and lecturer Chad Lewis specializes in bizarre legends. In the latter half, he talked about his latest work on 'Lumberjack Creatures' of the Northwoods - the strangest creatures from the lumber era of a bygone America-- from the deadly Hodag to the playful Jackalope. Many of the accounts began as campfire-type stories by the lumberjacks, with a lot of the creatures falling into the category of tall tales or lore, he noted. Some though are very similar to the cryptids reported in more recent times, such as Bigfoot. Lewis was surprised to discover that the lumberjack accounts weren't all about dangerous or deadly creatures. Some were fun and friendly, like the Jackalope (a jackrabbit with antler horns) said to sing along with the men.

The Snow Wasset was said to be a white-furred creature left behind when the glaciers came through. It only comes out in the winter, and it moves beneath the snow and then savagely pops out to attack and devour when it senses movement on top of the snow, Lewis recounted. Another scary creature was the Hidebehind, which excelled at concealing itself but could prey on humans. He described the curious Goofus bird as a huge turkey-like creature that likes to fly backwards and build its nest upside down. Another curiosity was the Hodag, a fearsome moose-like animal said to lack knees so it could only sleep leaning against something. Lumberjacks claimed they sometimes made pets out of them, said Lewis, who also delved into the lore of Paul Bunyan and his companion animal, Babe the Blue Ox.

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