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Hudson Valley & Roswell UFO Cases / Out-of-Body Insights

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Former Federal agent and UFO investigator Ben Hansen is currently featured in two documentaries now streaming on Discovery+. The most recent documentary, Alien Invasion: Hudson Valley, is an in-depth investigation into an alien epicenter, helping residents of the Hudson Valley, NY find explanations for their unearthly encounters. While there was a wave of UFO/alien incidents there in the 1980s, Hansen revealed a history of sightings dating back to the early 1900s in the Hudson Valley. His team's investigation used some of the technological equipment employed in paranormal communication or ghosthunting experiments. Paranormal hot spots like Hudson Valley, Skinwalker Ranch, and Marley Woods seem to have an array of anomalies that go beyond just UFOs. Hansen noted that one of the alien abductees they investigated in Hudson Valley also had poltergeist and paranormal activity in his home.

For his documentary series on the Roswell UFO crash, they used AI software to analyze the body language, tone of voice, and context of statements made by witnesses who were videotaped years earlier but have since died. The AI analysis of the testimony of Glenn Dennis, the town mortician, was found to have a high probability of mostly being true, he reported. (Dennis said the military asked him to provide child-sized coffins, and that he spoke with a nurse at the Roswell base who told him she witnessed an alien autopsy.) Hansen also revisited the famed Betty & Barney Hill UFO abduction case. Betty's dress (that she was wearing during the abduction) was tested, and biomatter was discovered at the spot near where she was reportedly injected with a needle by one of the aliens, he disclosed.


In the latter half, researcher and author Marilynn Hughes talked about her frequent out-of-body experiences (OBEs) and what they have taught her over the years, including insights on angels, reincarnation, extraterrestrials, quantum consciousness, and the afterlife. In one of her early OBEs, from out of sleep, she found herself in a deep vibrational state, in which her "spiritual arm" came out of her physical arm. There were "profound noises" --a kind of roaring, which she now understands is the sound of the astral plane, but at the time, she was frightened. In a subsequent experience, celestial angels of light appeared on each side of her and gently pulled her out of her body. During OBEs, she explained, the spirit is separated from the body, and the higher purpose behind this is as a learning and transformation tool, as one travels into mystical spheres and realms.

During out-of-body journeys, she continued, one goes through various initiations and rites of passage as a kind of "purification" process that leads to higher and finer frequencies of the soul. It's advantageous to be in the astral state or spirit body, as it allows you to be instructed by spiritual teachers along the way, Hughes noted. "One of the first things you learn in out-of-body travel is that information is not wisdom-- vibration is wisdom," she explained. As one becomes capable of understanding new kinds of knowledge, their vibration is raised. Part of her path toward ascension has been to assist souls and ghosts in purgatory or lost realms. For more, check out her free video documentary, How to Have an Out-of-Body Experience.

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