Climate Change / Working with Spirit Guides

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Climate Change / Working with Spirit Guides

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In the first half, author and researcher on environmental issues, Steve Goreham presented his views on climate change, and why he is skeptical that global warming is due to human causes. He argued that despite recent disasters like Hurricane Ida, there is no upward trend for increased or stronger storms over the last 50 years. The Earth is dominated by long-term cycles, like the ice ages followed by warm periods, and these are related to our planet's orbit around the sun, and the tilt of the Earth's axis, he noted. As far as the increased wildfires in the West, Goreham pinned the blame on forest mismanagement rather than climate change.

The world is spending over $500 billion a year on renewables to stop the planet from warming, but "it's not clear that effort is going to measurably affect global temperatures," he remarked. Goreham also cited the problem of "renewable waste" with worn-out wind turbines filling up landfills, in addition to solar panel waste, and the mining for rare minerals needed for electric batteries. Rather than trying to modify or fight the climate, "the sensible solution," he continued, "is to adapt to climate change. We've done that through all of history." He added that slightly warmer temperatures are healthier for humans, and increased carbon dioxide aids plant growth. 


The Carefree Medium, Susanne Wilson, is an intuition expert, teaching medium, author, and paranormal researcher. In the latter half, she talked about her work with spirit guides, as well as consciousness, intuition, and mediumship. People have a primary or master spirit guide that is with you for your entire life and beyond, but they also have a guardian angel, she detailed. Differentiating them, she said the guide is likely to be a deceased spirit who has lived many lives, while the guardian inhabits the frequency of the angelic realm. Spirit guides, she explained, are not omniscient beings, but "they can see a little out in front of us based on our current trajectory." Her guides have told her that COVID will be with us for the foreseeable future, with treatments akin to the yearly flu shot.

Messages from spirit guides will generally be calmly delivered, and of a hopeful or healing nature, she outlined, whereas if a communication is panicky or fearful, that is more likely to originate within ourselves. She described a rare case where someone thought they were communicating with their spirit guide, but it turned out they were being tricked by a malevolent being-- one of the djinn. In order to meet your spirit guide, she advised sending out an intention, and asking to feel their presence and learn the name they would like to be called. Practice a nightly meditation around this for a week, as it may take the guide a while to build up the energy to appear to you, she added.

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