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Food Toxins / OBEs & Remote Viewing

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Dr. Renee Dufault is a now-retired FDA investigator who took early retirement because her superiors told her to stop months of investigation that uncovered harmful levels of heavy metals being allowed into a variety of processed foods. In the first half, she revealed the widespread nature of her concerns and what people can do to protect themselves. Just today, Congress released a new report that shows significant levels of heavy metal toxins in US baby foods, including arsenic, lead, cadmium, and mercury. "The blame is not necessarily with the FDA because we have to understand that they're only authorized to do what Congress tells them to do," she remarked. There are the vested interests of food manufacturers (similar to Big Pharma) who lobby Congress, and by law, a certain amount of heavy metals are allowed in foods, she continued. Synthetic food colors, often used in foods marketed to children, are made from petroleum (which has heavy metal residue), she added. 

No level of toxins such as lead or mercury are safe, she argued. They are a kind of 'silent threat' to human health and may negatively affect the brain development of a growing child and have a profound effect on our chances of developing heart disease and diabetes, she has concluded. On top of the heavy metal concerns, pesticide residue may be in many packaged foods, and they can also impact brain development. "I believe the best way we can serve our immune system is to eat whole foods, [and] avoid processed foods," she said, adding that growing your own food in a garden is ideal. She also recommended eating a variety of fresh produce (though frozen is OK when fresh is not available) and buying organic whenever possible. 


Sean McNamara is a teacher of meditation, remote viewing, lucid dreaming, the out-of-body experience (OBE), and telekinesis. In the latter half, he talked about how he turned to these alternative practices as potent methods for spiritual inquiry. He recalled incidents of illness and surgery at an early age that led him to contemplate death and what happens afterward. Upon his first OBE, he lost his fear of death and felt a great elation and freedom. McNamara noted that he considers out-of-body travel to be safe and is not concerned about problems getting back into his body (in fact, he finds it difficult to stay out). However, in some cases, a traumatic incident may trigger someone to have an OBE, such as an accident.

Additionally, McNamara has used the practice of lucid dreaming as a springboard for OBEs. He has also experimented with mind-over-matter and telekinesis as a way to demonstrate that we are more than physical beings. Another of his metaphysical fascinations is with 'Mind Sight,' a technique to teach people to see without using their eyes. A possible explanation for this is that individuals may perceive colors and impressions through their skin. McNamara delved into remote viewing and described RV techniques he used with a group to correctly pick numbers in Colorado's 'Pick 3' lottery. As to whether there is an underlying theme to these various phenomena, he suggested that they could all be considered as a type of "information transfer."

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