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Auras & Parallel Worlds / Paranormal True Stories

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Former rock 'n roll promoter Pam Oslie discovered her ability to read auras almost 30 years ago and has become an international consultant for individuals looking for clarity on some of life's most confounding challenges. In the first half, she discussed the different color aura fields we emit, as well as parallel universes and the non-local mind. Those with violet auras (which she said George Noory has) are here to reach the masses and tend to be performers, speakers, and teachers. They have expansive emanations, she continued, while others have auras that are more contracted or condensed. She divides auras into several categories-- the physical colors are red, orange, yellow, and magenta, while the spiritual/emotional colors are blue, violet, indigo, and lavender.

She is able to see an array of color bands that radiate out from an individual and "the one or two...closest to the body...reveal a person's life purpose, their personality, careers they're going to be happiest with, relationship styles, [and] potential health issues," she explained. The outer bands, she added, reflect transitory emotions. Oslie compared parallel universes to different stations on a radio dial, and said that we migrate in and out of these multiple realities by simply changing our frequency. Further, we exist in these various realms simultaneously, she suggested-- people who have had near-death experiences have told her that they saw all of their past and future lives happening concurrently. In the second hour, she offered readings to callers.


Inspired by his experiences with the unknown, John Olsen has spent decades documenting stories of those who have witnessed the strange and unusual in the western US. In the latter half, he shared some of these firsthand accounts of everything from ghosts to glitches in the matrix, and odd creatures in the woods. Olsen's introduction to the paranormal came at an early age, growing up in a haunted house built in the 1800s. In addition to unaccounted-for footsteps, and objects moving or disappearing, he saw strange beings. "I would wake up when I was a teenager, and there would be two people in my room having a whispered conversation," he detailed. At that point, he would tell them to be quiet because he had to get up to go to school in the morning. He also talked about "residual hauntings" where ghosts leave an imprint on a repeated track or path, dark entities that people may inadvertently invite into their lives, and nature spirits in the forest.

He defined glitches in the matrix as inexplicable incidents that fall outside of other categories of the paranormal. A man named Chris from Ohio told him about how his boss asked him to pick up some medicine for him at a nearby store one day. While there, he had a dizzy spell and noticed the store layout was different than what he remembered, and then he saw his brother in one of the aisles, but the man denied knowing him. Upon his return, his boss said he'd been gone for two hours (to Chris, it was less than 30 minutes), and when he called his brother, he said he was on vacation and out of town. With these glitches in the matrix, do we step through a door, and suddenly find that we're no longer in our universe? Olsen pondered. He'll be appearing this weekend at the Bridgerland Paranormal Expo in Logan, UT.

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