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Prophecy & Black Swan Events / Past Life Regressions

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A world authority on Nostradamus, John Hogue, returned to update his prophecy alarm and talk about the concept of Black Swan events-- surprising occurrences that reverberate with unexpected consequences. He believes the 2020s may be particularly susceptible to Black Swan events, upheaval, and revolution. "It's a time for people to stop being so ready to accept whatever your authorities are telling you to do," he remarked, "and to remember have certain inalienable rights," and to peaceably stand up for them and not let others take them away from you. Hogue said he has long warned of a "corporate fascism" taking hold in the 2020s, with the powers-that-be turning the Aquarian age upside down. The current La Palma volcanic eruptions could prove to be a kind of geological Black Swan, he warned, and we should take careful notice when the eruptions stop, as there may be a possible collapse leading to tsunamis. 

Hogue recalled that in 1983 when he was living in an Oregon commune that followed the teachings of Bhagwan Rajneesh (Osho), that Osho had made a stunning prophecy that stayed with him all these years and may describe the times we are currently living in: "Man is now living in the most critical moment. And it's a crisis of immense dimensions. Either he will die or a new man will be born...During this period, there will be every kind of destruction on Earth, including natural catastrophes...There will be wars, which are bound to end in nuclear explosions...Tokyo, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Bombay, etc., all these cities are going disappear." Hogue also expressed concern over the situation with China and Taiwan, and commented that the United States should accept that their period of hegemonic control is over.


Hypnotherapist Steve Burgess has completed many thousands of past life regression sessions, helping his clients with a wide range of issues. In the latter half, he talked about how he uses this therapeutic technique to reduce or eliminate such things as anxieties, depression, phobias, and skin problems. The regression model he employs is based on the idea that all of our issues "come from locked-in feelings and emotions from past traumas." He explained that these traumas arise from three different areas-- our present lifetime (many carry traumas from childhood), our past lives, and inherited traumas from our ancestors. "By going back into the root causes, it releases the emotions, the energy that has been locked into the subconscious, which is causing the problem in the first place," he stated.

Many times it's a death from one of a person's past lives that is associated with someone's current problem. For instance, he had a client with a flying phobia that was traced to an earlier life where she was a pilot whose plane went down during the Viet Nam war. Burgess has conducted Future Life workshops that yielded some ominous results from the participants looking at their lives 300 to 500 years from now. They saw a degraded level of life on Earth after massive wars and devastation, and that people couldn't go out into the sun because the ozone layer was gone. Yet, some of his colleagues have conducted similar workshops, which did not produce such dire scenarios, he reported. In his past life regressions, the farthest back clients have gone is into caveman times or being proto-humans, when they led very rudimentary and brutal lives.

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