Natural Immunity / Florida's Skunk Ape

Natural Immunity / Florida's Skunk Ape


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsEarl Mindell, Kenney Irish, Stacy Brown Jr.

Earl Mindell, RPh, Ph.D., is a registered pharmacist, master herbalist, and award-winning author of over twenty best-selling books on nutrition. In the first half, he discussed a variety of supplements and vitamins that boost the immune system and one's health. Most people are deficient in Vitamin D3, and he recommends taking around 4,000-5,000 IUs daily to combat such things as colds, COVID, and flu. It takes time to build up your Vitamin D levels in the bloodstream, he added. The mineral zinc, he continued, has been shown to decrease the longevity of colds and flu, and curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, has been demonstrated to reduce inflammation. 

Mindell praised the antioxidant supplement astaxanthin, which he said could improve a person's skin quality within 30 days. CBD shows a great deal of promise, with a number of excellent attributes, he cited, including relaxation, anti-inflammation, and better sleep. Because it's not readily absorbed, he recommends taking it with Omega 3s, or using it in liquid form, placed under the tongue. The supplement melatonin can also be more effective for sleep when taken sublingually, he noted. In response to a caller with circulation problems in their extremities, he suggested Vitamin E and an herb called Butcher's Broom.


In the latter half, author and Bigfoot researcher Kenney Irish and North Florida filmmaker and Skunk Ape researcher Stacy Brown Jr. shared their latest work researching cryptids and the Florida Skunk Ape, including thermal footage that was caught in 2012. Brown detailed the story of the footage taken by his father when the two went on a camping trip in Florida's Torreya State Park. They heard knocking and grunting sounds along the trail and saw a creature up on the ridge that suddenly shot out. His father captured the incident on his thermal equipment, but the camera went dead immediately afterward, said Brown. As they moved away in the pitch black, they sensed the creature, and perhaps additional ones were following them.

Irish explored the question of whether Bigfoot is interdimensional or extraterrestrial in origin, and has not ruled out that possibility. However, he believes that even if the creature is ET, it could still be a flesh and blood physical being. There are some cases, he added, where Bigfoot-like creatures were seen in tandem with UFOs, and even an incident where a Sasquatch was observed walking up a ramp and entering a craft. In contrast to Bigfoot, the Skunk Ape seen in central and southern Florida is thought to be smaller and more like an orangutan, and less "human" seeming, Brown explained. A caller to the show, Doug Pridgen, talked about his 1997 footage shot in New York of a baby or juvenile Bigfoot.

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