Communication with Spirits / Alien Experiencers & Abductions

Communication with Spirits / Alien Experiencers & Abductions


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsMark Anthony, Michael J.S. Carter

In the first half, attorney Mark Anthony, known as the Psychic Lawyer, shared his experiences with communicating with the spirit world. While acknowledging that law and the supernatural are an unusual pairing, Anthony explained that his psychic and courtroom abilities are actually compatible in surprising ways. It was through his study of the human brain as part of his civil practice involving head injuries, for instance, that led him to understand psychic activity as a phenomenon rooted in biology. He also related the story of how he once conveyed a message to a prospective juror from her sister, who had been murdered the year before.

Channels for psychic communication, which include near-death experiences, mediumship, and deathbed visions, are all explainable through logic and science, Anthony argued. He pointed to evidence that physics and biology are the same thing at the quantum level, suggesting that the ultimate reality—natural and supernatural—is embodied in what he called the "electromagnetic soul." This accounts for why human consciousness is not created in the brain, for example, but is stored on a kind of cosmic "server" that persists beyond physical death.

In the second hour, Anthony heard from listeners with questions about loved ones who had passed away. A truck driver calling from Indiana, a man in Maryland, and a woman in Pennsylvania all called in, hoping to get in contact with parents who had died; Anthony then relayed the positive messages he said each of them were sending through him.


The Reverend Michael J.S. Carter discussed alien contact and abduction through the lens of spirituality in the latter half of the show. He recalled the ways in which his experiences with ETs affected his journey as a religious leader, from leaving the Baptist tradition of his upbringing to being warned against talking about UFOs in his capacity as a Unitarian Universalist minister. It became impossible, Carter said, to ignore the truth that so many religions, despite appearing to differ in key ways, in fact, have so much in common—including their connections to the natural and extraterrestrial worlds. In Carter's view, Jesus Christ is himself a hybrid being, an example of how concepts of alien and earthly life are consistent with spirituality. For this reason, he continued, humanity needs to be careful that we don't assume ETs always mean harm.

In the show's final hour, callers shared their own perspectives on Carter's ideas. Among them was a listener in New Jersey who pointed out that by definition, God is an extraterrestrial. A California caller talked about her experience as an abductee at age thirteen, when, she claimed, she was impregnated by a group of grays aboard their craft. Another caller in Georgia proposed that the phenomenon mentioned in the book of Ezekiel was a UFO; Carter conceded that this interpretation was confirmed by current research.



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