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Alternative Health / Developing the Higher Mind

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In the first half, Dr. Joel Wallach shared alternative health approaches and the benefits of remedies and supplements that assist in the body's recovery from many diseases and ailments. According to his research, he has found that feeding certain minerals to house plants will help them grow better, providing more oxygen and improving indoor air quality, and making a healthier home environment. In response to a caller's question about using oil of oregano, he advised against it, because he believes that oils and products that contain them, end up oxidizing and lead to trans fat formation and inflammation.

He detailed his strategy for avoiding getting sick from COVID and other viruses. In addition to being fully vaccinated, Doc Wallach takes colloidal silver four times a day. "Colloidal silver kills viruses," he declared. "And when you put it in your mouth, you absorb it instantly through your oral tissues...So I have this colloidal silver circulating through my blood all day and all night." Because he has meetings and speaking engagements in many places, he uses a lot of non-alcohol hand sanitizer on various areas of his body as further protection. The regimen of colloidal silver and hand sanitizer can also be applied topically on, and between the toes to combat athlete's foot, he added. This Friday, he offers his free Zoom "Ask Doc Live" weekly event, starting at 8am PT/11am ET. 


In the latter half, consultant, researcher, and author Michael Goddart discussed the capacity within each of us to gain paranormal abilities and develop higher powers of consciousness. We have the innate gift to move beyond the lower negative mind (that most of us are ruled by) "and rise to a level of consciousness you've never dreamt about," he stated. By sitting in a recliner and concentrating your attention with the right meditation, you can "gather your soul and mind currents to your eye center, and at that point you can pierce this energetic aperture and begin inner space travel," which is far faster than anything in the physical realm, he detailed.

The "call of the seeker" is to find something higher and better, and within each of us is a "sleeping god," Goddart noted. We can live as though there's no tomorrow (caught in the web of time), we can choose to live with a goal in mind, or we can groom our own destiny, he outlined. There is so much strife and conflict in the world that entangles us, such that people are just going to keep reincarnating until they find a path that can erase their karma, he continued. "My goal is to become karma-less, so I can rejoin that ocean of love from whence we came. All of us are from that ocean of love," he shared. For more, check out a free excerpt from his book, "A New Now."

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