Death & Afterlife Communications / Consciousness & Non-Physical Reality

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Death & Afterlife Communications / Consciousness & Non-Physical Reality

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Media and music industry professional, Jane Asher, has worked at major radio stations in San Diego and Santa Barbara. Several years ago, she stepped away from mainstream radio to embrace her passion for a deeper, more mystical conversation. In the first half, she delved into the topic of death and afterlife communications. She became interested in the subject after the death of her mother, and eventually began to communicate with her spirit through the psychic Pam Oslie. Asher had the odd experience of frequently finding dimes in various locations, and a second medium told her that this was a form of communication from her deceased mother. "One night, I had this vivid visitation, and she's sitting on the edge of my bed," Asher recalled. Her mother's spirit told her she left the dimes because "I like to see you smile." Her father was helped through the grieving process through these Other Side communications as well.

The title of her book and podcast, "The Next Room," refers to the afterlife as like being in an adjacent room, in which the deceased are still available to us but no longer visible. Asher eventually learned to communicate directly with her mother without Oslie's mediumship. She would light a candle every morning for her mother and look at her picture placed in the kitchen as she said hello to her. "I just started hearing her," and bringing her into my consciousness, she shared. Asher further developed a form of meditation to enhance their dialogues involving deep breathing, arm movements, and simply asking for the communication to occur. 


In the latter half, Prof. Robert Davis discussed new theories and evidence on the nature of consciousness, questioning mainstream science's materialist mindset. According to Davis, science, consciousness, and spirituality should be integrated into a new overarching scientific field. He's exploring this in his forthcoming documentary, The Consciousness Connection, based on his recent book, Unseen Forces: The Integration of Science, Reality and You. Consciousness is the fabric of our universe and can even be observed at the subatomic level, he remarked, adding that such things as ESP, NDEs, out-of-body experiences, healing with intent, and psychokinesis are examples of how it goes beyond the physical body.

He talked about how peak or mystical experiences can change an individual's viewpoint and initiate a new perception of reality that is transformative. We are in the midst of a paradigm shift, Davis suggested, in which more people are experiencing the feeling of knowingness that there is more to physical reality. Looking at UFOs or UAP, some researchers have pointed to the idea that consciousness and non-physical phenomena are involved in an interaction that relates to our spiritual side. Further, Davis believes some UFOs could be a form of intelligent plasma, which has neurological effects on humans.

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