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Russia & US Relations / Astrology & Soul Paths

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The creator of the hit TV series "The Americans," Joseph Weisberg studied Russian in Leningrad, and later joined the CIA in 1990 --just in time to watch the Soviet Union collapse. In the first half, he detailed why he believes America's policy toward Russia is failing --and we'll never fix it until we rethink our relationship. He thinks the US in the midst of a second Cold War with Russia. In the first one, "what we were doing was trying to destroy each other's systems...We fought these very damaging proxy battles in places like Korea and Viet Nam," he cited. And now that mentality has returned, with Russia's interference with US elections, and America's economic sanctions against them, as just two examples. Regarding the recent 'Havana Syndrome,' he hasn't found any specific evidence that Russia is behind the attacks, and it doesn't seem like their typical MO. 

Weisburg contends that the West's view of Russia as a kind of dictatorship is too simplistic. After the Soviet Union collapsed, its citizens were most concerned with economic stability rather than emulating an American style of democracy. Putin took over in 1999, and initially, he seemed open to a positive relationship with the West, particularly in his offer to help after the 9-11 attacks. "But now it's pretty clear he wants to do whatever he can to undermine and even destroy American democracy," Weisburg remarked. What happened is that America engaged them in a back and forth battle, and while many in the US find them to be a convenient enemy, it's really a case of mutually aggressive posturing, he argued. To get out of this second Cold War, he advises America to have a change of heart-- drop the sanctions against Russia, and stop blaming them for everything. As an opening move, this would signal to Russia that America no longer wishes to be in an endless conflict with them, he suggested.


Psychic and astrologer Maria Shaw specializes in the astrology of karmic love, past life love, and soul mates. In the latter half, she discussed astrological alignments and the seven different types of soul paths that people embark upon. The full moon in Aries this week signals a time of change and new opportunities, she said. But since the middle of September, we've been subjected to Mars in Libra (a sign that conflicts with the planet of war). This has contributed to an increase in such things as argumentativeness and sleeplessness, she noted, but it will change on Halloween when Mars goes into Scorpio, a shift that will feel more pleasant. The sun is about to transit into the sign of Scorpio on October 22nd, she added, and this marks a time when "the veil is thinner," and spirit activity or contact is more feasible.

Your soul decided what journey it wanted to take based on the specific experiences it needs for its growth, Shaw explained. People may see reoccurring themes in their lives, and this often relates to the specific soul journey they are on, she continued. Shaw outlined seven different soul paths, which include the path of the teacher, the saint/healer, the karmic gatekeeper, the lover, and the seeker. She said the gatekeeper path is often the most difficult one, as those on it feel the need to fix everything. It may be that they reincarnate into a particularly dysfunctional family and try to create peace and harmony. The path of the lover involves looking for a soul mate, though not necessarily a romantic one, she detailed. "It's a hands-on caretaking for another," with the heart connection being the main aspect.

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