Ancient Technology on Mars / Deaths of Elvis, Diana, & FDR

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Ancient Technology on Mars / Deaths of Elvis, Diana, & FDR

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In the first half, entrepreneur and ancient civilization researcher Jason Martell discussed what we should expect to find in 2026 when we send humans to Mars. Elon Musk is confident his SpaceX company will land humans on the Red Planet by that year, while NASA plans to get there with a crew in the 2030s. Martell believes that when we explore the Cydonia region, we will finally be able to confirm the presence of a lost civilization and a Mars-Earth Connection. Because there are now other space-faring organizations beyond NASA, he hopes there will be open disclosure about what is found on Mars, and more opportunities for civilians. There have been indicators that life could exist there-- possibly plants or even animals, he remarked. Martell cited the fictional Alternative 3 "documentary," which shows Russians landing on Mars, and a creature scurrying away. It has been rumored that the TV show was based on clandestine facts. 

The pyramid system of Egypt may have been part of an ancient energy grid system that might have extended off-planet and connected to the pyramids and structures in the Cydonia region, he theorized. "Maybe we'll find some advanced technologies or things that will further push the envelope of understanding" of mysteries here on Earth, he continued. There have been numerous connections to Mars among the ancients, such as in Sumerian writings that referred to exiling a god to the Red Planet, he noted. Zecharia Sitchin even referred to the Face on Mars being a carving of one of the Anunnaki, Martell added. He has crafted a proposal to share with Musk and SpaceX outlining advanced archaeology equipment that could be brought along on their upcoming expeditions.


Author and historical researcher, Steve Ubaney, re-investigates events using newly uncovered facts that were discovered decades after potentially wrong conclusions were written in the history books. In the latter half, he delved into three cases, revealing details surrounding the deaths of Elvis Presley, Princess Diana, and FDR. Elvis researcher Jared Parker was murdered in 2008, and Ubaney said this was just before Parker was planning to reveal letters sent to Presley about people threatening his life. Elvis, who was near bankruptcy in 1976, lived in a kind of "velvet jail" and was being squeezed financially by the Mob, Ubaney contended. He believes that those responsible for his death stood to profit from his estate, and there was an immediate cover-up after he died.

Diana's death was related to her powerful activism against land mines, as well as a push for a small arms ban, he stated. She was upsetting the global finances of arms dealers and international bankers, and they wanted her taken out, he suggested. The Royal Family wasn't involved in her murder but engaged in a subsequent cover-up, Ubaney said. Regarding the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt, he had accumulated a long list of enemies and was likely slowly poisoned through his food at the White House, he asserted. Many of his colleagues all died within a short space of time of cerebral hemorrhages, he added. More on the FDR death here.

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