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In the first half, longtime UFO and paranormal investigator Brent Raynes joined Connie Willis (info) to share anomalous incidents from his casebook, and report on his latest work with disembodied voices. While investigating paranormal sites with fellow researcher Bret Oldham, they used a 'ghost box' to communicate with disembodied voices. On several occasions, they believe they heard the voice of the late John Keel, the influential ufologist and investigator, and began to ask him questions. Raynes also talked about the entities known as the jinn, who have sometimes been said to appear like small humanoid figures. Their malevolence may relate to their jealousy of humans, he speculated.

He recounted curious cases involving white beams of light connected with UFOs. One shone on the roof of a car, which then became transparent. In an incident in Romania, an orb descended into a bush, and a man reached down to grab the object, and his hand was said to disappear. There is a lot of high strangeness when it comes to some Bigfoot reports, he continued. This sometimes includes UFOs, unexplained lights, and even poltergeist activity. A family had a UFO encounter in Mayport, FL in 1967, and in the days afterward, they saw odd balls of light, humanoid forms in the bedrooms, and heard footsteps with no one there. Raynes has concluded that various types of paranormal phenomena and anomalous activity may be interrelated.


Sandy Nichols is the founder of Alien Research Group in Thompson's Station, TN. He and his wife built their dream home, not knowing there was much more to the location (view related video). In the latter half, he talked about his background as an alien abductee, and the apparitions and strange occurrences at their house, which was apparently built adjacent to a Native American ceremonial site. He recalled appearing in the Steven Spielberg special, "Abduction Diaries," which aired on the Syfy Channel around the time that Spielberg's miniseries "Taken" aired in 2002. Nichols revealed that he has genetic anomalies – mutated mitochondrial DNA that indicates he had two mothers-- something he said would be impossible without genetic engineering.

He detailed how he had a series of eerie dreams that recurred for over four years in the 1990s, which all took place in the same location. When building a home on a property years later just outside of Nashville, it slowly dawned on him that the dreams were set in the same locale. When they were excavating the area around the pool, they found evidence of an old Indian site that included a stone kiln and a large buried stone pathway. Some of the inexplicable things he's witnessed on the property include footprints stepping out of the pool and then disappearing past the deck, 10-12 shadow figures walking along the riding trail fence, and two Mayan-appearing women in white dresses speaking in an obscure dialect.

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