Chemtrails & 5G Dangers / UFOs & Gravitational Fields

Chemtrails & 5G Dangers / UFOs & Gravitational Fields


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsMatt Landman, Robert E. Farrell

While working on a Humboldt County farm, Matthew Landman, who holds an MBA, became aware of the effects of geoengineering. In the first half, he discussed his ongoing efforts to raise awareness about the dangers of toxic chemtrails, and EMF radiation he associates with 5G technology. According to Landman's research, the aerosolized aluminum and barium particulates present in the chemtrail sprayings can be absorbed in people's lungs and is linked to such conditions as Alzheimer's and dementia. When our bodies are bogged down with GMOs and bad foods, and you add chemtrails on top of that, it's no wonder people get sick, he remarked. EMF radiation and chemtrails, he added, "are these enormous elephants in the room when it comes to personal health," and because their effects are invisible to the naked eye, they can be harder to combat.

Reportedly, Bill Gates is financially backing a sun-dimming technology (similar to the alleged purpose behind chemtrails-- to deter global warming), but in Tucson, such experiments were called off when people protested their implementation, Landman said. 5G technology which is in the process of a wider rollout, requires small cell towers every 500 ft. to push the signal, and this will lead to increased exposure to EMF radiation, he contends. To defend against this, he has developed an EMF-protection clothing line (people can use the discount code coast2coast). "I think it's just so important for people to understand this invisible soup of radiation that we're all in," he concluded. To learn more, he recommended the book The Invisible Rainbow by Arthur Firstenberg.


Dr. Robert Farrell has lectured at universities, science centers, MUFON meetings, and bookstores on the subject of UFOs. In the latter half, he shared his research about how UFOs are propelled by gravitational fields, and the way such fields are produced. He also talked about disclosure, military evidence, and the evidence for ET bodies. He believes that tomography scans of anomalous three-fingered mummified bodies found in Peru demonstrate they are not a hoax. There are definite non-human or reptilian characteristics to the smaller mummies, he cited, and their DNA doesn't match anything in the database. Regarding disclosure and secrecy around ET visitors, governments suspect that people would panic if they knew the truth about more advanced lifeforms, Farrell suggested. Further, technology offered by the aliens could be extremely disruptive to our society. For example, something like free energy would decimate the energy sector, he noted.

He has concluded that aliens are creating gravitational fields by manipulating electromagnetic energies. Based on witness reports, it's likely they are using a kind of negative field that pushes up on the bottom of the craft, or in one case, freezing a pond that it was hovering above. A negative field would also not be limited by the speed of sound, so they could move at supersonic speeds without creating a sonic boom, he added. Spaceships could use that same principle for submerging into bodies of water, and then expelling the water around it. Additional evidence that ETs are using gravity fields is that they can do High-G maneuvers that would kill ordinary humans-- this technology allows them to accelerate at any rate they want by either free falling into a field or away from it, he explained.

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