1945 UFO Crash / Time Travel

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1945 UFO Crash / Time Travel

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Hard evidence has existed since 1945 for the actual recovery of unidentified flying craft in the United States, according to a new book co-written by legendary researcher Jacques Vallee. He joined George Knapp in the first half, to discuss this alleged UFO crash, said to occur two years before Roswell, about 30 miles from the site of the first atomic blast (code-named "Trinity") in San Antonio, New Mexico. Just a month after the Trinity test, the crash took place at a cattle ranch maintained by two boys (Reme Baca and Jose Padilla), as it was still during WWII. An avocado-shaped craft crashed into a tower, and started a fire in the vegetation area, he reported. The two kids headed toward the object, near bushes on fire, and they witnessed three short humanoids inside their ship, which was about 15 ft. in height. According to the transcripts, the occupants were about 4.5 feet tall, with large heads, long spindly arms, and small facial features. 

Reconstructing the events, Vallee determined the boys were at the site from 40 minutes to an hour. For years later, they had strange recurring dreams that seemed to relate to the event, and possibly a type of psychic transfer took place between them and the humanoids. Not only did Baca and Padilla observe the crash, but they also witnessed the military's efforts in removing the craft. Vallee speculated that the object was taken for study by the Manhattan Project, as it may have been assumed there was a connection with the nuclear test. Fearing retaliation, the two witnesses remained silent for over 60 years about what they had seen and done over the time while the recovery was proceeding. 


In the latter half, prolific author and researcher Nick Redfern covered the history of time travel in reality and fiction, detailing the lore, science, and stories of movement from the present to the past and into the future. Rather than cases of a mad scientist inventing a time machine (as often depicted in entertainment), so-called "time slips" seem to occur randomly and involve people suddenly seeing an out-of-place event. For example, a man in England named John Davis told Redfern he was driving past a field and saw a group of men in archaic uniforms carrying muskets. He realized he was driving past the Hopton Heath battle site of 1643, and was briefly seeing the actual battle as though he'd gone through a time loop. 

Redfern recalled the John Titor case, in which a man claimed via message boards that he'd come back from the 2130s, and that humanity's future was quite bleak. Rather than being a hoax or genuine, Redfern wondered whether if the episode was a kind of "social experiment" to test out people's reactions to the possibility of our dire future. He also talked about the Philadelphia Experiment in 1943, and the claims that during the invisibility attempt, crewmen were pushed into the 1980s (this was also depicted in the fictional film of the event). In the 1980 Rendlesham UFO case, one of the witnesses, Jim Penniston, said he received a data transfer from the entities indicating that they were from a grim future, and had come here to gather DNA specimens. This is a story that is heard in a number of UFO and abduction episodes, Redfern pointed out. In some Men in Black incidents, while people are warned not to report the UFOs they witnessed, the MIBs also tell them they're visitors from the future, he added.

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