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Herbalism & Cells / Spirit & Soul Progression

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Matthew Wood has been a practicing herbalist for over thirty-five years. An internationally known author and lecturer in the field, he holds a Master of Science degree in herbal medicine from the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine. In the first half, he discussed the field of herbalism, alternative health, and the concept of the extracellular matrix (ECM). The ECM could be thought of as a kind of inner ocean that unites all the cells together and allows them to act in a coordinated fashion, he explained. Signals travel between the gel-like substance of the matrix, and as the signals change (say, from eating certain foods), the cells react all at once, he continued. "That means on a cellular or vegetative level, we are a single whole being," he added. 

Wood talked about his dietary regimen, in which he cut out foods that he had allergies to, which enabled him to lose weight. He disclosed that he came down with COVID last year, which brought on a very elevated heart rate. He treated this with the herbal remedy Bear Root, which he said quickly brought his pulse rate down. For improving function within the ECM, he cited St. John's Wort, milk thistle, and dandelion root as helping the cells burn cleaner, as well as doing trampoline work for improving lymphatic operations. Wood also talked about the "doctrine of signatures" in which an herb looks like what it can be helpful for, and the use of intuition and one's psychic sense to determine which plants may be healing for an individual. 


Intuitive medium, author, and educator Geoffrey Jowett helps others on their journey of enlightenment by recognizing that each of us is an eternal and infinite part of God, and that we are here to perpetuate divine love. In the latter 90 minutes, he talked about such topics as guardian angels, soul progression, and spiritual art. The soul could be thought of as an individual cell within God, he said, and each lifetime we make an agreement or contract to explore certain issues or talents. As the soul progresses, we release karma and some (like Jesus and Buddha) eventually arrive at "zero point karma," where they no longer need to reincarnate in a physical body, he explained. People choose their own rate of progression, he added.

The spirit realm can give good advice and support as we face different obstacles or issues, Jowett shared, "but there's a synergy that exists because...as you evolve, they evolve." In other words, spirit is learning from you, just as you're learning from them. Guardian angels don't have an agenda other than providing support through their pure consciousness, he outlined, yet sometimes people interpret their messages through their own filters, and only hear what they want to hear. Jowett said the Spirit World encouraged him to convey deeper feelings through artwork. He has recently focused on creating paintings (including portraits of angels), which come to him in a way that is similar to automatic writing.

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