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Threats to the Power Grid / Past Lives Therapy

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In the first half, public interest researcher and US Army veteran Michael Mabee discussed his concerns about the current state of the power grid in the United States. The grid isn't a single, centrally managed network: it's about 3,000 separate companies that make up the small pieces of the system that generates, transmits, and distributes our electricity, explained Mabee.

A number of problems with this system have arisen, he said, posing a major threat to public safety and national security. Some parts of our grid are over a hundred years old, for example, and others are similarly in poor condition. Over 300 transformers have been purchased from China in recent years, Mabee continued, which could be equipped with the capabilities to hack America's power grid. The current grid is also especially vulnerable to natural disturbances like solar flares and extreme weather, as well as the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) caused by a nuclear explosion, and even physical attacks at power sites, he noted.

To make matters worse, argued Mabee, there doesn't appear to be the political will to combat these dangers. No government agency has authority over the entire grid, and few laws or regulations are in place to address cybersecurity and the physical condition of the grid. In addition, the power industry lobbies members of Congress to allow the grid to remain too fragmented, unprotected, and unregulated. As a result, Mabee speculated, the United States is extremely likely to experience cyberattacks, physical attacks, and damage by natural phenomena at some point.


Dr. Shelley Kaehr, one of the world’s leading authorities on energy healing and mind-body medicine, joined the show in the second half to talk about spontaneous past life recall—the experience of suddenly connecting to a former incarnation of ourselves. Such instances, said Kaehr, can be sparked by interactions with others, certain objects, or for no reason at all. Gemstones and jewels in particular are useful in triggering memories, she advised, through the vibrational resonance they create.

For Kaehr, the value in past life recall isn't necessarily found in our ability to piece together who we were as our former selves. It's to learn about what we experienced in our past lives in order to apply any lessons we can glean to our current situation. Although some encounters with past lives can be jarring or unpleasant, Kaehr acknowledged, she recommended "riding it out" in order to give the process a chance to work.

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