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JFK Assassination Revelations / UFOs & Space Communications

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In the first half, JFK assassination expert James DiEugenio discussed the new documentary, "JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass" (view trailer), and evidence and testimonies that refute the lone gunman theory, and indicate a conspiracy was involved in Kennedy's death. JFK Revisited was directed by Oliver Stone, who sought to return to the subject with updated material that has come to light since JFK, his 1991 film. DiEugenio wrote the script, and there are some 30 different interviews with a distinguished team of forensics, medical and ballistics experts, historians, and witnesses. He believes that JFK assassination documents continue to remain classified more than fifty years later because "the overwhelming verdict when you look at all the evidence is that the Warren Commission was wrong in every single one of its conclusions," and the documents would reflect this.

The single-bullet theory suggests an unbelievable trajectory involving seven wounds in two people and simply doesn't hold up, he stated. Beyond this unlikely pathway, a bullet that caused all that damage and went through bones would not be in the relatively good condition that the recovered one was found to be, he noted. Lee Harvey Oswald, DiEugenio continued, couldn't have killed Officer Tippit, as he was alleged to do shortly after the JFK shooting. Witnesses placed him too far away to get to that location in the time frame, and the gun cartridges didn't match Oswald's weapon. Further, he noted that no evidence of fingerprints of any kind were discovered on Oswald's rifle, and no nitrates were found on his cheek (likely there would have been some residue after firing a rifle).


David Sereda has studied meditation, world religions, ancient history, and alternative Zero Point Energies for over 40 years. In the latter half, he and amateur radio expert Jimmy Blanchette spoke about their ongoing work sending signals to outer space, and receiving messages from non-human intelligence. Blanchette explained how he first developed a unique antenna for 'Moonbounce' communication, sending powerful radio beams to communicate across the planet with other like-minded people using the Moon as a passive reflector. In 2017, Blanchette said he repurposed his communication system and received his first types of ET contact and energy signatures coming through handheld radios tuned to a specific frequency. Sereda suggested a similarity between fast radio bursts (FRBs) and the kind of signals Blanchette has been receiving.

UFOs could well be communicating with each other using certain tones or sounds, Sereda continued, and the early pioneers of radio, Tesla and Marconi, believed they were possibly receiving ET signals akin to Morse code. Blanchette detailed how he is increasingly seeing UFOs concurrent with the intelligent non-random radio interactions, which he suspects may be originating from various off-world civilizations. He asserted that consciousness is a key factor in the communications. Sereda described a recent experiment, in which he and Blanchette teamed up with Richard C. Hoagland to send a transmission to the curious asteroid Oumuamua, and via an attached night vision camera, UFOs were picked up. For more, view related graphics, as well as Blanchette's documentary, First Contact.

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