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Financial Astrology  / Fifth Dimensional Healing

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In the first half, astrologer William Stickevers discussed several current events which, he said, could be influenced by the alignments of the planets. Regarding the mass resistance to vaccine mandates in many parts of the United States and Europe, for example, Stickevers argued that the planets are now in the same position that they were in 1776, when the American colonies were on the brink of revolution. Similarly, he went on, the fall of the Roman Empire—to which he drew comparisons to the trajectory of the United States—took place during a Pluto return, as we will soon be also.

When a listener in Wisconsin expressed his intuitive feeling that another massive explosion at Yellowstone was imminent, Stickevers observed that the caller, who was born during a year of Uranus-Pluto alignment, would have particularly keen insight into such a prediction. To a Missouri caller on the verge of retirement, he commented that due to the listener's astrological combination, investing in inflation-protected bonds, gold, and Bitcoin made sense. Stickevers encouraged a caller in New York to continue with her ambitions as an inventor, citing a favorable astrological outlook for creativity in early 2022.


Medical medium Kimberly Meredith joined the second half to talk about the healing work she does within the Fifth Dimension, which she described as the essence of the miracle of existence. The Fifth Dimension, she explained, is not something that is really "accessed," because we are already inside of it; it's more a matter of being open to the experience. Although she noted that once a connection is established it's easy to re-enter the Fifth Dimension, serious commitment is required. Meredith reported that she spends several hours each day praying and chanting in order to maintain her lifestyle as a vessel of its power. In addition, she adheres to what she called "Fifth Dimension awareness," which involves clean eating and living.

Telltale signs that Meredith is "in the zone" of the Fifth Dimension include hot flashes and uncontrollable rapid blinking of her eyes. Her abilities have been tested by experts, she related, and were found to be effective on inanimate objects as well as with people. Through the frequency for instant healing it provides, she claimed, the Fifth Dimension allows her to divine medical issues that she's then able to treat, as well as to communicate with divine figures like the Holy Spirit, the spirits of the dead, and ETs. These entities are always happy to provide guidance to the living, she said.

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