Kristen Van Uden

Kristen Van Uden


With a Masters degree in History from William and Mary, Kristen Van Uden studied the persecution of Catholics under communist regimes. She is the author spokesperson for Sophia Institute Press.



Past Shows:

  • Antichrist & End Times / Spirit Communications

    Kristen Van Uden, author spokesperson at Sophia Institute Press, discussed signs of the Antichrist. Followed by intuitive medium Geoffrey Jowett on communications with the departed.More »
  • Alternative Health / Purgatory & Angels

    Dr. Joel Wallach shared alternative health approaches and the benefits of remedies and supplements. Followed by Kristen Van Uden, spokesperson for Sophia Institute Press, on the existence of Purgatory and angels.More »
  • Angel Interventions & Religious Miracles

    Radio host Trapper Jack shared stories of angelic interventions and amazing synchronicities and coincidences. Followed by researcher Kristen Van Uden on the eucharistic miracles documented by Italian cardiologist Franco Serafini.More »

Last Night

Alternative Health / Triangular UFO Encounter
Alternative Health / Triangular UFO Encounter
Dr. Joel Wallach shared the benefits of natural remedies that aid in the body’s recovery from chronic conditions. Followed by graphic designer Colin Saunders on his 1999 encounter with a triangular UFO.


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