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Bible Prophecy & End Times / Rock & Pop Music

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Bible scholar Scott Mitchell hosts a podcast called Bible Mysteries. In the first half, he discussed his ongoing research into biblical prophecy and the Mark of the Beast, and why he believes fallen angels are posing as aliens. The fear-mongering around the pandemic, and collapsed economies point toward the agenda for a planned one-world government in total control of the population, he suggested. Lucifer, a fallen angel, is limited in power and must operate through human proxies that he's infiltrated, Mitchell continued. "He's doing that through the Satanic Global Elite (SGE) that are pushing these agendas." The SGE are plotting a great deception to turn humans into hybrids using genetics and artificial intelligence, he added.

Regarding the prophesied Mark of the Beast, he views the vaccine mandates as a "means testing" toward this eventuality, as we are seeing the ostracizing or denying of privileges to those who don't comply. Fallen angels have appeared under different guises over various time periods, and in our era, they may have chosen to appear as ETs to conduct their abductions, Mitchell outlined. He suspects we are living in end times, and could witness biblical prophecies play out over the next few years, including the Rapture (in which it's thought that believers in Jesus will be saved). 


Author and music historian, Harvey Kubernik, has written twenty books on the history of popular rock music. In the latter half, he spoke about the music of the 1960s and 70s, including his latest work on Jimi Hendrix. Jimi was very influenced by science-fiction, and one of his most famous songs, "Purple Haze" was inspired by a Philip Jose Farmer novel, Night of Light, Kubernik revealed. Further, Hendrix claimed to see a UFO hovering over his back garden one night and began to fill up notebooks with stories about spaceships, aliens, and galactic battles. Toward the start of the interview, Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, appeared briefly to reminisce about his friendship with Jimi.

Kubernik talked about his acquaintance with Berry Gordy Jr., the influential founder of the Motown record label. The music of Motown was really the soundtrack of our lives, Kubernik commented, and what he accomplished as a music maverick and independent promoter went well beyond a brand or a label. Kubernik also shared recollections about his friendship with such music luminaries as Dick Clark and Casey Kasem, and touched on the careers of such talents as Elvis Presley, Jim Morrison, Paul Anka, Freddie Mercury, and Frank Sinatra.

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