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Communication & Relationship Skills

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An internationally recognized expert in communication and relationships, Dr. John Gray PhD., joined guest host Connie Willis (info) to discuss his groundbreaking work describing the innate differences between men and women, and why relationships in today's society are more nuanced and complex than ever.

Gray commented on gender fluidity in what he labeled as the "younger generation," noting it "causes massive confusion in their relationships." According to Gray, it has created gender confusion, dissatisfaction in relationships, and an inability to get married. He pointed out that twice as many people are single today than were twenty years ago.

Gray described what he called a "boy crisis" in education where twice as many woman graduate from college as men, as well as the problematic issue of fatherlessness. Boys who grow up without fathers do not know what it is to be masculine, he explained, noting they can lose motivation and esteem which in turn will affect their relationships. "It's really hard to love yourself if your mother doesn't love a man," Gray added.

Men get married when they are ready to get married and feel good about themselves, he continued. "When a guy feels really good about himself then his life becomes a bit boring if he's not sharing it with somebody else," he said, adding relationships require a certain level of esteem and happiness within yourself. "The real purpose of relationship when we live in the world of today is to find somebody to become happier, not to make me happy," Gray revealed.

He delved into biological distinctions between men and woman, including hormonal and brain differences. In boys the left anterior parietal lobe is bigger; this has to do with impersonal relationships. In girls the right anterior parietal lobe bigger; this has to do with personal relationships. Women need to talk and if a man listens to a woman, he will produce testosterone if he senses he is helping her, Gray suggested.


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