Soul-to-Soul Readings / Transforming the Subconscious

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Soul-to-Soul Readings / Transforming the Subconscious

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Psychic healer Vincent Genna uses his gifts to transform and heal others by empowering them to cease stopping themselves—and instead, believe in and love themselves. He joined Lisa Garr (email) to discuss his transformative soul-to-soul psychic medium readings, and communications with the Intergalactic Council of extraterrestrial beings. Genna revealed he prayed for his intuitive abilities in order to help a friend. He defined psychic ability as a capacity to see linear time (past, present, and future) in the dimension where information about each individual is stored. A medium, on the other hand, has the capability to communicate in the dimension where spirits are housed, he continued.

According to Genna, a channel located in the energy center of the heart allows us to be open to hear our own intuition, as well as animals, deceased loved ones, and guides from other dimensions. The channel can be closed by anything negative, including grief, he added. Genna shared how he was contacted by the Intergalactic Council which occurred just after he had finished a reading with a client. He heard voices asking to speak with him and discovered it was a group of beings from the Intergalactic Council. There is a spiritual representative from each universe on the Council, and they are charged with helping guide souls in their transitioning, Genna explained. Members of the Council also hastened human evolution. "We are basically a hybrid between the original human and now the modern human," he disclosed.


Followed by Rena Greenberg, creator of Easy Willpower, who talked about her gastric bypass hypnosis method which transforms the way patients think about food by tapping into the power of subconscious mind. "Whatever the culprit is that's causing us to feel bad, physically or emotionally, we have to change the way we think about that subconsciously," she said. Hypnosis is a powerful tool that can help change associations with food, Greenberg continued, noting conscious willpower is not enough and cannot win over the demands of the subconscious mind. "As long as you have a pleasurable association subconsciously you're always going to go back to it," she added.

According to Greenberg, hypnosis introduces a positive image of ourselves and at the same time turns us off to old patterns and behaviors. In order to divorce oneself from sugar or dairy, for instance, a person must subconsciously link the pain these foods cause to the food themselves, instead of consciously fantasizing about how wonderful they may taste, she explained. Greenberg cautioned against a diet restrictive mentality and recommended a permanent change in the way one thinks about food. In addition to hypnosis, she suggested listening to and intuitively trusting the body, eating small portions throughout the day, and thinking of food as medicine.

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