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Tarot Readings / Phoenix Lights

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In the first half, psychologist Dr. Art Rosengarten discussed the benefits of tarot card readings for deep reflection, and raising one's spiritual consciousness. Tarot, he believes, has mental health applications for people wishing to gain insight and awareness that are often unavailable in mainstream culture, religion, or psychotherapy. Tarot readings function as an oracle, he explained, as they translate a problem or question into an image language in the way that a dream does. The readings can also mirror unconscious or unseen forces and pull them out into awareness and reveal the communication of our inner spirit or intuition.

The intuition involved in a tarot reading, he continued, can show us new possibilities in the present that we haven't otherwise considered. The tarot "brings out your connection with the deep self, and you connect with what you feel to be true in your heart," he added. During the last hour, he offered readings for callers. At the top of the show, he did a single-card reading on the recent Russian attack on Ukraine. He pulled the seven of wands, reversed (upside down). "It means stalemate," he stated, and that there's going to be increased difficulties for the world in relation to the conflict.


As we near the 25th anniversary of the Phoenix Lights sighting, C2C's investigative reporter Cheryll Jones shared her interview with Phoenix Lights witness and movie producer, Dr. Lynne Kitei in the latter half. On the night of March 13, 1997, a variety of craft were seen over a 12-hour period in Arizona, Nevada, and California, including a large triangular shape said to be a mile-wide or even longer by a considerable number of witnesses (a 911 police operator later admitted to Kitei that hundreds of reports came in that night). Kitei recounted to Cheryll how two months before this event, from her balcony, she saw and photographed a large set of amber lights that formed into a V-shape. A meteorologist also reported seeing a set of six lights that preceded the March 13 event, she added, and he described them as moving in a mile-wide formation as a singular unit.

The mass sighting on March 13 started at 3pm, and two commercial airline pilots reported that a massive craft was covering Las Vegas, she detailed. Yet it wasn't until months later that the story got picked up widely in the media, and investigations began, though it was initially made fun of by people such as Arizona Gov. Fife Symington. In later years, a number of other witnesses came forward like actor Kurt Russell. Kitei, who appeared live in the last hour, believes that her UFO sightings are connected to a variety of anomalies, including missing time, NDEs, and ghostly phenomena. She also talked about a 1995 sighting she and her husband had on their Arizona balcony of several orbs that seemed to merge, and then cloak or vanish. She had a strong sense of being watched by an intelligence.

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