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Remote Viewing Tales

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Lyn Buchanan (related artwork) is a world-renowned expert in Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV), which allows trained individuals to access and communicate with the subconscious mind. Through CRV a person can bring to the surface and objectify what lies hidden within the subconscious. He joined guest host Connie Willis (info) to discuss his experiences in the world of Controlled Remote Viewing. Buchanan described a CRV tool he called "the database," which is where remote viewers input details about their remote viewing sessions. He admitted in his database records he is 92 percent accurate on color. "You put the truth into that database... and the database is one of the few things in life that's going to tell you the absolute truth," Buchanan said, noting it will point out one's strengths and weakness, and where a remote viewer may need more training. "It'll tell you what jobs not to take because you're not good at them," he added.

Buchanan, who was a psychic spy with Project Stargate, commented on the movie, The Men Who Stare at Goats, which tells a fictitious story about the U.S. military's attempt to train psychic spies. He estimated about 80 percent of the events in the film actually happened, and George Clooney's character, Lyn Cassady, is a composite of Buchanan and other well-known remote viewers. Buchanan talked about his training courses and credited remote viewing creator Ingo Swann for developing a standardized method and structure for how to learn and control the ability. Willis and Buchanan talked about taking beginning CRV courses with professional remote viewer and certified CRV instructor Lori Williams. "She is an excellent teacher... she does really good work," he revealed.

Buchanan described a technique called Associative Remote Viewing. "There are some things that are really difficult to remote view, such as numbers on lottery balls, he explained. In Associative Remote Viewing, a monitor who wants their students to see numbers would make a list that associates numbers with tastes. For example, zero represents vanilla, one is chocolate, two could be salt, etc. After a lottery drawing, the teacher would then ask students to describe the taste they are picking up. "By associating things that are easy to view (tastes) with things that are hard to view (numbers), and then having the viewer view the easy thing... you have the answer to the harder question," he said.

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