Shared Crossings / Biblical Prophecy & Ukraine

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Shared Crossings / Biblical Prophecy & Ukraine

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Shared crossings are transformative and healing experiences between dying people and their loved ones and caregivers. In the first half, family therapist William Peters and Dr. Raymond Moody, expert on the phenomenon of near-death experience, discussed shared crossings and their potential to positively transform lives—and deaths. Shared-death experiences, the two said, could take various forms, from mutual out-of-body experiences, to the spirit of the dying person visibly departing their body, to the presence of a mystical light. The likelihood of a SDE is increased, Moody noted, by simply being aware of what it is and being open to the experience. However, they went on, SDEs can occur when participants are in the same room or remote from one another, and the personal connection between the dying and surviving party doesn't necessarily need to be close or sustained over time.

In the second hour, a hospice nurse in California called to express her appreciation for what Peters and Moody do, and related the shared crossing she had when her own mother passed away. When a listener in Texas asked about the presence of a Grim Reaper figure in shared crossings, Peters explained that a "benevolent reaper" of sorts is indeed reported by experiencers to be in charge of the transition from life to death. And an Alabama caller drew parallels between shared crossings and his own near-death experience. The feeling of love he felt throughout his NDE, he explained, was also evident in the way shared crossings were described by the two guests.


Spiritual researcher Ali Siadatan shared his research into biblical prophecies in the latter half, particularly how the book of Ezekiel may relate to Russia's current invasion of Ukraine. When understood in the larger context of biblical prophecy, Siadatan explained, the situation in Ukraine can be seen as a precursor that sets the stage for a much more dangerous future confrontation: an apocalyptic attack on Israel by Russia. In his view, this attack is the one prophesied in Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39, where the invaders are called Gog and Magog.

Siadatan pointed to a number of clues in the scriptures to support this theory. Geographical and historical details in the Bible, for example, identify a number of present-day nations—Russia, Iran, Syria, and others—that have an adversarial relationship with Israel. Political factors since 1948 have pushed these nations into a stronger alliance against Israel, causing ever-increasing tensions, the details of which correspond to some compelling details in prophecy. As the most powerful nation in this alliance, it follows that Russia will lead the offensive against Israel, which will ultimately be met with the wrath of God himself, Siadatan argued.

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