Chronic Pain & Anxiety / Ancient Alien Tales

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Chronic Pain & Anxiety / Ancient Alien Tales

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A renowned surgeon of 30 years, Dr. David Hanscom, has focused on helping people seek relief from pain. In the first half, he shared his conclusions about chronic physical pain, which he determined is ultimately mental pain, and associated with anxiety. Anxiety is a critical function that has helped humans evolve and survive, he noted. Yet, when it becomes severe or akin to obsessive-compulsive disorder, it can lead to stress, which contributes to inflammation and disease. He reported that by treating the anxiety, pain conditions and physical problems often improve, and people begin to thrive.

Negative ideations and disturbing thought patterns have the same stress effect on the body as being in physical danger, he maintained. Breathing and relaxation exercises stimulate the vagus nerve, which has an anti-inflammatory action, and increases the sense of safety, Hanscom explained. He announced the availability of his new DOC Journey app, which helps people to experience hope, let go and process anger, and shift the body's chemistry into a healing state.


In the latter half, speaker and author Paul Anthony Wallis discussed how ancient stories of interactions with mysterious or powerful beings relate to modern narratives of ET contact. There has been an attempt to suppress the old stories from wisdom traditions or push them out of the mainstream, he said, yet this information continues to echo through the ages. According to Wallis, Plato got some of his information from contact experiences-- a claim that has also been made over the Hermetic writings, ascribed to the Egyptian god Thoth. In the Middle Ages, the Cathars talked about "the ability to download phenomenal information and insight from the cosmic realm," he added.

Wallis believes there have been visits from many "cosmic neighbors" and there was a key intervention about 10,000 years ago to help us rebuild civilization after a cataclysm. Aboriginal Australians, the Cherokee people, and the ancient Babylonians all credit the beginning of their civilizations to visitors from space, and the Mayan creation myth, the Popol Vuh, details alien interventions or genetic tinkering with the human race, he cited. The three star regions repeated throughout ancestral narratives are Orion, Sirius, and the Pleiades, though Wallis revealed that there are accounts involving interdimensional contact as well. He also shared a more modern-day testimony of a young man in Brazil who was struck by lightning and subsequently had a series of otherworldly events and acquired unexplained knowledge.

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