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Alternative Fuel / Animal Communication

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In the first half, ecological biologist and expert in alternative fuels David Blume discussed what is behind the rising gas prices and inflation, and the latest developments in using alcohol or ethanol for fuel. Recently, Pres. Biden has allowed for a 15% level of the corn-based fuel additive, ethanol, to be mixed in with gasoline sold at the pumps (up from 10%), as a strategy to reduce high gas prices. Blume considers this a step in the right direction and noted that the vast majority of cars in the US could run on as high as 30% ethanol in their tanks. Oil companies have realized that their supplies are ultimately limited, and prices may continue to stay high or rise even further, he predicted, with Russia's invasion of Ukraine affecting the market.

America primarily uses corn to produce alcohol fuel, but in other parts of the world, such plants as sorghum, cassava, sugar cane, and sugar beets are being utilized. Blume doesn't view corn for fuel as contributing to food shortages, as only the carbohydrates are used when fermented, and then cows can be fed the leftover fiber and protein. Blume was happy to report that at his suggestion, some shipping freighters are now experimenting with using alcohol fuel to power them, which is great for the environment. He also spoke about his new project creating organic liquor, including a beverage called "Firewater," which is flavored with wasabi that he grows on his farm. For more, check out his 12-Point Plan for American Energy Independence.


In the latter half, gifted animal communicator Coryelle Kramer spoke about the importance of animal communication, and offered practical tips for receiving messages from your pets. She is able to understand animals through their specific archetypes or dynamics that explain a lot about their personalities and behaviors. "For instance," she noted, "an energetic animal might be very drawn empathically to a person who is sick who they don't even know, or a sensory animal might be a little sensitive to strangers coming into their house." She often works with clients who have pets that are exhibiting unwanted behaviors. After ensuring it's not a physical ailment, she begins her communication process to learn the animal's mindset.

Kramer has discovered that the animal is often acting out because of their concern about their person (owner) who may be stressed out or going through issues. She sometimes prescribes alternative medicine for the animals, and looks to "heal the entire dynamic" between the pet and the person. To communicate with your animal, she advised learning to quiet the chattering mind, and get into a quiet space once a day where you can hear their voice. Close your eyes and sit with your animal, and simply ask them questions such as how they're doing. Often the first response you hear is the most genuine, she added.

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