Origins of the Antichrist / Open Lines

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Origins of the Antichrist / Open Lines

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While many have portrayed the Antichrist to be charismatic and a military genius, he will be something far more sinister, according to researcher Ryan Pitterson, who joined Richard Syrett (Twitter). Pitterson, who interprets prophetic texts like the Bible's Book of Revelation, contends that the Antichrist is the Final Nephilim, a fallen angelic-human hybrid who will use occult power to lure most of the world into the greatest deception in human history. Fallen angels had relations with mortal women in order to corrupt our genetics and "prevent the birth of a fully human messiah," he said of their agenda. The 7th generation of Cain's descendants were among the first to mix with the fallen angels, Pitterson continued.

The Great Flood wiped out most of the Nephilim, but some still remained like Goliath, who battled David, he recounted. Goliath told David that if he won the battle, all of Israel would be his slaves, "which is exactly the agenda of the Antichrist in end times," he added. Pitterson reported that there have been a number of Antichrists over time leading up to the last ones yet to come. The final Antichrist will present himself initially as the defender and savior of Israel, but at the midpoint of his reign (after 3.5 years), he'll die from a head wound. It is then, Pitterson detailed, that the Antichrist will use his occult powers to return from the dead, in an imitation of Christ's resurrection.

Among the past Antichrists, Pitterson named such ancient figures as Antiochus IV Epiphanes, a Greek emperor who persecuted the Israelites and outlawed temple worship. His forces were defeated by the Maccabees (who are celebrated in the Jewish festival of Hanukkah). The Roman emperor Domitian was another Antichrist-- he believed himself to be a god, and sought to have blood relatives of Jesus executed, said Pitterson. An Antichrist to come, as prophesied in Ezekiel, is "Gog" of the Gog and Magog war, and he will lead an attack against Israel, he added.


The second half of the show featured Open Lines. Richard invited listeners to share their precognitive dreams, and a number of callers described ominous events that may be in our future or occurred after their dream.

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