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Astronomer and physicist Dr. Hugh Ross is president of Reasons to Believe, an organization dedicated to integrating scientific facts with the Bible, by thoroughly investigating the history of our planet. In the first half, he shared his contention that intelligent physical life, as we know it, is likely contained just to Earth. He conceded that microbial forms of life might exist on other worlds, but the particular and rare conditions on Earth and in our solar system have led to our unique form of existence. "We've yet to find a star that is sufficiently like our sun that it could be a candidate to have an intelligent civilization on a planet orbiting it," he remarked.

And although there are some two trillion galaxies out there, we haven't discovered another one sufficiently like our Milky Way, he continued. "Everywhere we've looked, we see conditions that are very hostile to advanced physical life," Ross added, noting that among the 5,000 exoplanets that have been discovered, we've yet to find a single planet that matches any of the ones in our solar system. In considering the evidence for UFOs, such as a lack of a sonic boom, no debris at crash sites, and physics-defying maneuvers like traveling at 18,000 mph and turning corners at high velocity, he has concluded that they are a form of "non-physical reality."


Lauren Walker has been a yoga and meditation teacher since 1997 and created Energy Medicine Yoga (EMYoga) while teaching at Norwich University. In the latter half, she spoke about the ability to heal through tapping into the aura, energy fields, and the magic of the physical body. Yoga, she explained, is a way of bringing the body and mind together "so that you are one being moving forward in the world, [and] you are not separate." The body has natural healing functions and types of intuition and telepathy, which some might consider paranormal. Yet, she sees these abilities come into play with her Energy Medicine work, which seeks to restore energy areas that are out of balance.

Energy medicine helps to release trauma or stress, and by combining these techniques with yoga, the healing effects are accelerated, she detailed. Coming out of the pandemic, she noted that many people are struggling with unprocessed emotions that build up stress levels. Walker talked about the auric field as the energy that surrounds us, which helps mitigate negative energies from the outside while also drawing things in that we need. The aura has been validated by Western science under the term "biofield," she cited. Walker shared some techniques for helping to heal parts of the body for a caller recovering from surgery. She described how to massage on the skin in a figure 8 pattern to stimulate healing, as well as the Wake-Up technique, a series of light yogic movements that boost energy.

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