Mars Anomalies / Investigating Cryptids

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Mars Anomalies / Investigating Cryptids

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Richard C. Hoagland is the principal investigator and Founder of the Enterprise Mission, as well as the vision and the voice of his show The Other Side of Midnight. In the first half, he discussed the photo NASA released of a "door" in a cliff face on Mars (view related material), along with NASA's planned study of UFOs. Following the Pentagon's investigation of military UFO footage, NASA's sudden interest in UFOs and UAP was recently announced under the guise of scientific study, rather than being an explicit search for extraterrestrial visitors to our planet, Hoagland pointed out. The Mars doorway image taken by the Curiosity rover was released on May 12th, and while mainstream scientists claim that it was simply an earthquake crack, he reported that many citizen scientists were united in the belief that the find represented intriguing evidence of artificial construction.

In an enlargement of the "wall" connected to the doorway (image #5) we can see blocks, he said, which would be impossible to have formed naturally. The blocks, similar perhaps to what was used in the structures at Giza, were designed to cordon off the "building" behind it, Hoagland said. "This is an ancient complex, I believe, [made] by a much later Martian civilization...probing its ancient ancient past," similar to a museum or a memorial, he continued. The area inside the doorway seems to have a representation of a figure embedded in it, and there's a carved pillar on the edge of the door frame (image #6), he outlined. Hoagland invited listeners to send him a quick email offering their take on the curious doorway image.


Jazz musician and paranormal investigator Eric Mintel talked about his cryptid investigations in various locations, including his local area, Bucks County, PA, and his sighting of what may have been the Beast of Bray Road in Wisconsin. The Beast, a purported humanoid wolf-type creature that walks upright, has reportedly been seen in and around the Elkhorn, WI, area for decades. In October 2021, Mintel attended the first conference on the Beast of Bray Road, held on the farm of Lee Hampel (who recently appeared on C2C). Hampel showed him photos of anomalous white orbs and hair samples from his property, and Mintel and an associate conducted an investigation that night on Hampel's farm. They saw a solid white orb traveling over the field very fast, and then shortly after, they heard strange guttural howls.

After hearing these sounds, they witnessed a pair of eyes shine back and forth that appeared about seven feet off the ground (more in this video report). Mintel has had a number of UFO sightings as well. He described seeing five orange orbs (that looked like plasma) in 2016 when heading into Stockton, NJ. The orbs suddenly appeared out of nowhere, flying over the Delaware River, and one by one, they disappeared, he said. Mintel also talked about his search for Bigfoot in the New Jersey Pine Barrens area, and haunted restaurants like McCoole's in Quakertown, PA.

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