UFO & ET Secrecy / Exploring the Akashic Records

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UFO & ET Secrecy / Exploring the Akashic Records

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Founder and Director of the Disclosure Project and retired emergency room physician Dr. Steven Greer is an expert in UFOs, ET intelligence, and classified propulsion systems. In the first half, he discussed his latest work exposing the super-secret and illegal projects that deal with UFO/ET issues as well as the cover-up of clean energy alternatives. Technology from the Tic Tac UFOs, for example, demonstrates a whole new kind of physics, and yet three billion people on the planet don't have gas or electricity to cook their food, he pointed out. The suppressed technologies are "almost too good," he remarked, and if enabled, would be highly disruptive to the powers that be and the centralized economy. By harnessing energy from space-time, there would be no pollution, and poverty would be eliminated within 20 years, he cited. Jets and rockets could be replaced by electromagnetic field propulsion, and this would utterly transform the transportation system, he added.

Regarding his work with UFO disclosure, he said the top-secret whistleblowers he's in contact with have grown to 980 individuals, but most of them have not come forward in a public way. However, he reported that he's relaying intelligence from the whistleblowers to key investigators in the executive branch. He mentioned that he has also teamed up with celebrities interested in UFOs and ET contact like Demi Lovato, who share information from him to their vast social media followings. His recent projects include the CE5 Contact app, and documentary Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind. On the subject of alien abductions and animal mutilations, he suggested that secret military ops may be behind many of these events rather than ETs. Dr. Greer will be hosting an ET Contact Conference near Scottsdale, AZ, this September. More info here.


In the latter half, authority on energy healing and mind-body medicine Dr. Shelley Kaehr talked about her exploration of the Akashic Records, which is said to consist of all thoughts, and actions that have ever been created. Accessing this data allows someone to heal their past-life issues and reveal their soul's purpose, as well as to glimpse global trends and what the future might hold, she suggested. Kaehr cited three famous psychics or seers that may have tapped into the Akashic Records for their predictions and knowledge-- Edgar Cayce, Madame Blavatsky, and Nostradamus. Blavatsky founded the Theosophical Society and talked about connecting to the Astral Light and "Akasha"- a primordial spiritual substance that permeates everything.

To access the Records, Kaehr recommends finding a comfortable spot to meditate and create spaces within the inner world. Tap into a bright healing light, she continued, in which you connect yourself within earth and sky. At this juncture, you may find yourself in a "waiting room" where you're energetically supported and ready to interact with a spirit guide, who can help plan what you want to access, and then accompany you on your journey. For more, check out this free webinar based on her new book Journey Through the Akashic Records.

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